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Rod Steiger

Rod Steiger's biography

Rodney Stephen Steiger is 77 years old actor born at New York City. Rod was born on Tuesday 14th of April 1925. He is often nicknamed as The Rock. According to year of birth 1925 Rod belongs to Greatest Generation. Birthday on 14th of April means Rod is Aries. Aries is the most active sign of Zodiac, one born with this sign is a very quick learner, aggressive and passionate.Rod was married 5 times.

He is native english speaker. Rod is white american. He is citizen of United States of America. He is lutheran. His primary profession is to be actor. You can know him also as television actor, film actor. Rod is recently known as stage actor. Rod received Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama In the Heat of the Night in 1967

Rod Steiger's family

Rod Steiger's ex wifes

Claire Bloom

Rod Steiger and Claire Bloom have been together since 1959 for 10 years. She is known as actor. His ex wife was born on Sunday 15th of February 1931 in Finchley.

Joan Benedict Steiger

Rod Steiger and Joan Benedict Steiger have been together since 2000 for 2 years. She is known as actor. Rod´s ex wife was born on Thursday 21st of July 1927 in Brooklyn.

Sally Gracie

Rod Steiger and Sally Gracie have been together since 1952 for 6 years.

Sherry Nelson

Rod Steiger and Sherry Nelson have been together since 1973 for 6 years.

Paula Ellis

Rod Steiger and Paula Ellis have been together since 1986 for 11 years.

Rod Steiger's schools

We found 3 schools Rod attended. Complete list of schools: Actors Studio, West Side High School, HB Studio.

Detailed informations about his schools

He studied university - The Actor's Studio (acting school).

Rod Steiger's career

Rod´s main focus is to be actor. Rod is famous thanks to In The Heat Of The Night (1967).. You could see him also in In the Heat of the Night, The Pawnbroker.

Is Rod Steiger gay ?

He is known to be straight.

How did Rod Steiger die

Rod died on on Tuesday 9th of July 2002 when he was 77 years old. Rod Steigers death was caused by pneumonia and kidney failure. It happend like natural causes.

Awards and competitions

Rod Steiger's Awards

  • He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7080 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on April 10, 1997.
  • Received the Gift of Life Award after tirelessly speaking out against the social stigma against mental disease, from which he suffered for many years.
  • Had appeared in two Best Picture Academy Award winners: On the Waterfront (1954) and In the Heat of the Night (1967). He was also in two other Best Picture nominated movies: The Longest Day (1962) and Doctor Zhivago (1965).

Rod Steiger's Nominations

  • Rod was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for work On the Waterfront in 1954
  • He was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actor for work The Pawnbroker in 1965
  • Rod was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actor for work In the Heat of the Night in 1967

What else you don't know about Rod Steiger ?

Rod´s middle name is Stephen.

What Rod Steiger has done for a first time

  • He was the first person to win the best actor BAFTA two years in a row and the Oscar in the second year (For The Pawnbroker (1964) and In the Heat of the Night (1967)). The second one was Colin Firth in A Single Man (2009) and The King's Speech (2010).

Rod Steiger's quotes

  • [on success] Successful people have control over the time in their life. A shoemaker who owns his own shop gets up one morning and says, "I'm not opening." That's a successful guy.
  • [on Hollywood] A community of lonely people searching for even the most basic kind of stimulation in their otherwise mundane lives.
  • Method acting is anything that gets you involved personally in the part, so that you can communicate in human terms with an audience. Despite all the obstacles, the American actor has changed the acting world.
  • My career has been 65% virgin and 35% whore. I've refused roles many times because I'd have to lose my integrity, my dreams of doing something worthwhile with regard to character. That's the virgin part of me.
  • I tell young actors today to join the Merchant Marines for a year, and I tell young women to volunteer in a hospital emergency ward if they can. You get to see different people, cultures, dress - it's a marvelous education for an actor.
  • [on acting] It sounds pompous but it's the nearest thing I can do to being God. I'm trying to create human beings and so does He.
  • The first thing that you should do when you win an Oscar is thank God. The second thing you should do is forget it.
  • You get the Oscar and you get better scripts, better actors and better directors to work for and of course your salary goes up until you make your first mistake and then you have to start from the beginning again.
  • When you lose your curiosity, you're dead. I don't care if you live to be 117. You're dead.
  • [on Marlon Brando] He was in a unique position. He could have done anything. But he didn't choose to.

Rod Steiger's height, body shape, eye color

Lets describe how Rod Steiger looks. We will focus on his height, body shape, eye color and hair color. Rod is tall as 5' 10" (178 cm). Body build is large. His eyes are tinted brown - dark. His hair is shade of salt and pepper.