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Russell Johnson

Russell Johnson's biography

Russell David Johnson is 90 years old television actor born at Ashley. He was born on Monday 10th of November 1924. Russell is often nicknamed as The Professor, Dr. Roy Hinkley, Russell David Johnson, Russell Johnson. According to year of birth 1924 he belongs to Greatest Generation. Birthday on 10th of November means Russell is Scorpio. Scorpio is a watery sign. These people are very intense in their thoughts. They always learn from the transformatory phase of their life.

He is white american. He is citizen of United States of America. Russell´s primary profession is to be television actor. He is recently known as film actor.

Russell Johnson's schools

We found 1 school He attended. Name of the school: Girard College.

Detailed informations about Russell´s schools

Russell studied high school - Girard College, Philadelphia, Penn..

Russell Johnson's career

Russell´s main focus is to be television actor. He is famous thanks to Gilligans Island.

Is Russell Johnson gay ?

He is known to be straight.

How did Russell Johnson die

He died on on Thursday 16th of January 2014 when he was 90 years old at Bainbridge Island. Russell Johnsons death was caused by kidney failure. It happend like natural causes.

What else you don't know about Russell Johnson ?

Russell´s middle name is David.

Russell Johnson's quotes

  • Old actors never die, they don't even fade away. They're always available.
  • Gunsmoke (1955), Wagon Train (1957), The Dakotas (1962) -- you name a Western, I did it. I was always the bad guy in Westerns. I played more bad guys than you can shake a stick at until I played the Professor. Then I couldn't get a job being a bad guy.
  • if there was ever a group of actors who were typecast it was us.
  • don't you realize the opening lyrics lie to you? the mate was mighty sailing man come on now, and the minnow would be lost? we were lost, and it wasn't a dessert island it was a jungle island
  • before Gilligan's island i would often play a heavy in a movie u know that bad guy but after the series ran i could not get a job playing heavies anymore.
  • if it wrent for the 20 something people who stoped by our island our show might have almost passed for believable.
  • a show like ours by logic anyway should be defeating its own purpose if people kept finding the island we should have had no visitors.

Russell Johnson's height, body shape

Lets describe how Russell Johnson looks. We will focus on his height, body shape and hair color. He is tall as 5' 10" (178 cm). Body build is slim. His hair is shade of brown - dark.

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