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Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith's biography

Michael Nesmith is 79 years old musician born at Houston. He was born on Wednesday 30th of December 1942. He is often nicknamed as NezMikeWoolhat. According to year of birth 1942 he belongs to Silent Generation. Birthday on 30th of December means he is Capricorn. These people are stable in nature. As the sign lord is “Saturn”, the person will be judgemental in his approach.

He is citizen of United States of America. He is an adherent of christian science. His primary profession is to be musician. You can know him also as singer, novelist, screenwriter, film actor, stage actor, television actor, guitarist, songwriter, singer-songwriter. He is recently known as film producer.

Michael Nesmith's mom

Michael Nesmith's mother's name is Bette Nesmith Graham.

Michael Nesmith's schools

We found 1 school He attended. Name of the school: Thomas Jefferson High School.

Detailed informations about his schools

  • Attended Thomas Jefferson High School, but enlisted in the United States Air Force before graduating (1960).
  • Attended San Antonio College, where he meet John London and began a musical collaboration.

Michael Nesmith's career

His main focus is to be musician. He focuses on pop music. Maybe you are curious what instrument does he play ? He plays guitar.

How did Michael Nesmith die

He died on on Friday 10th of December 2021 when he was 79 years old at Carmel Valley Village. Michael Nesmiths death was caused by heart failure.

Awards and competitions

Michael Nesmith's Awards

  • The Monkees were awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 6675 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
  • His comedy movie "Elephant Parts" (1981) won the first Grammy Award for a video record.

What Michael Nesmith has done for a first time

  • His first professional recording (under the pseudonym "Michael Blessing") was a folk music single entitled "What Seems to Be the Trouble, Officer?".
  • His comedy movie "Elephant Parts" (1981) won the first Grammy Award for a video record.

Michael Nesmith's quotes

  • [As to why he didn't rejoin The Monkees when Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones re-formed the group, c. 1986] "It would be kind of like Ronald Reagan making another movie."
  • [describing his financial slump, after paying a huge default to leave The Monkees in 1969] "I had to start telling little tales to the tax man while they were putting tags on the furniture."
  • [about his famous wool hat] "It had a life of its own. I used to take it off and put it in a little house, feed it . . . "
  • [about the legal settlement between PBS and his company, Pacific Arts] It's like your grandmother stealing your stereo. You're happy to get your stereo back, but it's sad to find out your grandmother's a thief.
  • [when asked at a 1986 reunion concert about previous remarks that the Monkees were a TV show and not a band] That's exactly what we were: a television show. I mean, you know, I think we perform admirably, considering we're a television show!

Michael Nesmith's body shape

Lets describe how Michael Nesmith looks. We will focus on his body shape. Body build is average.