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Susannah York

Susannah York's biography

Susannah Yolande Fletcher is 72 years old film actor born at Chelsea. She was born on Monday 9th of January 1939. According to year of birth 1939 Susannah belongs to Silent Generation. Birthday on 9th of January means Susannah is Capricorn. These people are stable in nature. As the sign lord is “Saturn”, the person will be judgemental in his approach.

Susannah is white british. She is citizen of United Kingdom. Her primary profession is to be film actor. You can know Susannah also as writer, stage actor. Susannah is recently known as actor.

Susannah York's dad

Susannah York's father's name is Simon William Peel Vickers Fletcher.

Susannah York's mom

Susannah York's mother's name is Joan Nita Mary Bowring.

Susannah York's family

Susannah York's ex husband

Michael Wells

Susannah York and Michael Wells have been together since 1960 for 16 years.

She has 1 son.

Susannah York's son: Orlando Wells

Susannah York's son's name is Orlando Wells. He is known as actor. Her son was born on Saturday 9th of June 1973 in Tonbridge.

Susannah York's schools

We found 3 schools She attended. Complete list of schools: Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Marr College, Wispers School.

Susannah York's career

Her main focus is to be film actor. She is famous thanks to They Shoot Horses, Don`t They?.

Is Susannah York gay ?

Susannah is known to be straight.

How did Susannah York die

She died on on Saturday 15th of January 2011 when he was 72 years old at Chelsea. Susannah Yorks death was caused by advanced bone marrow cancer. It happend like natural causes.

Awards and competitions

Susannah York's Awards

  • She was awarded Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters by French culture minister Jack Lang in 1991.
  • She appeared in two Best Picture Academy Award winners: Tom Jones (1963) and A Man for All Seasons (1966).
  • Won the TV Times best actress award for We'll Meet Again.

Susannah York's Nominations

  • She was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for work They Shoot Horses, Don't They? in 1969

What else you don't know about Susannah York ?

Susannah´s middle name is Yolande.

Susannah York's quotes

  • [on being Oscar nominated for her role in They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969)] "I don't think I have much of a chance and I didn't think much of myself in it."
  • I usually find that actors are rather interested people. It's part of our profession. It all starts with curiosity about other human beings. The best actors have that kind of interest in people and in life.
  • [speaking in 2005] "I'm an infinitely better actress now than I was 30 years ago because I've had experiences and I've learned. I do look back on some roles and think I was dreadful, but I'm not going to tell you which performances I'm talking about."
  • [on Warren Beatty] Warren is a teddy bear, though I used to become annoyed when the teddy bear hugs turned to bottom pinches.
  • My career is incredibly important to me and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful life but, no matter how important my work is to me, my family always comes first... I really am still having a truly amazing life. I touch wood all the time.
  • [on Montgomery Clift] He was absolutely a loner. He was completely an individual, very selfish as most artists are. But with an enormous regard for truth and for putting the best of himself into what he was doing - his work.

Susannah York's height, body shape, eye color

Lets describe how Susannah York looks. We will focus on her height, body shape, eye color and hair color. Susannah is tall as 5' 6½" (169 cm). Body build is slim. Her eyes are tinted blue. Susannah´s hair is shade of blonde.