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Stan Laurel

Stan Laurel's biography

Arthur Stanley Jefferson is 75 years old stage actor born at Ulverston, Lancashire (now Cumbria), England UK. Stan was born on Monday 16th of June 1890. According to year of birth 1890 Stan belongs to Lost Generation. Birthday on 16th of June means he is Gemini. Gemini is a dual sign of Zodiac Belt. One born with this rising sign is very dual and creative in nature with lots of verbosity. They are the most expressive people as they love talking.

He is white english. He is citizen of United Kingdom. His primary profession is to be stage actor. You can know him also as screenwriter, comedian, film actor, stunt performer, film director, film producer, actor. He is recently known as director.

Stan Laurel's dad

Stan Laurel's father's name is Arthur J. Jefferson. He is known as theatrical director. Stan´s father was born on Tuesday 21st of January 1862 in Lichfield. His father died on Saturday 15th of January 1949 in Barkston. Arthur J. Jefferson was 59 years old, when this happened.

Stan Laurel's schools

We found 4 schools He attended. Complete list of schools: Kings Priory School, Stonelaw High School, King James I Academy, Queen's Park Secondary.

Detailed informations about Stan´s schools

  • The old school that he attended briefly in Bishop Auckland is being demolished (as at August 2021) and aged peoples homes built on the site which will be named Laurel Court with a plaque commemorating Stan put at the entrance.

Stan Laurel's career

His main focus is to be stage actor. He is famous thanks to Laurel & Hardy.

Is Stan Laurel gay ?

He is known to be straight.

How did Stan Laurel die

Stan died on on Tuesday 23rd of February 1965 when he was 75 years old. Stan Laurels death was caused by heart attack. It happend like natural causes.

Awards and competitions

Stan Laurel's Awards

  • He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on February 8, 1960.
  • Stan was only the second honoree to receive a Screen Actors Guild Award for their contribution to entertainment.
  • Stan Laurel was presented with the Annual Screen Actors Guild award 'for outstanding achievement in foster the finest ideals of the acting profession and advancing the principles of good citizenship.' ".

What Stan Laurel has done for a first time

  • He had two children with his first wife, Lois: a daughter Lois Laurel (1927-2017); and a son, Stanley Robert (May 7, 1930-May 16, 1930), who was born two months prematurely.
  • Laurel first appeared with his future partner, Oliver Hardy, in The Lucky Dog (1921), which was filmed in 1919 and released in 1921.
  • In Alex Norton's television play Dramarama: Stan's First Night (1987), Paul Oldham played Stan, and William Hoyland played his father, Arthur.
  • By the time they produced their first true Laurel and Hardy film, Stan was 37 and Oliver Hardy was 35.
  • The first film Stan produced was Way Out West (1937), which was followed by Songs and Bullets (1938).
  • Before he left Ulverston, Stan was a founding member of Barrow Central Wheelers, a cycling club in Barrow in Furness, the biggest nearby town. He was the club's first time trial champion.
  • When young Laurel first took to the stage as a performer, he had no idea that his own father was watching him whilst being part of the audience.
  • Scottish actor Alex Norton wrote a television play 'Stan's First Night, screened 22 June 1987, in which Stan was played by Paul Oldham and his father by William Hoyland.
  • Way Out West (1937) was the first film to be produced by Stan Laurel.

Stan Laurel's quotes

  • If any of you cry at my funeral, I'll never speak to you again!
  • [on Oliver Hardy's death] The world has lost a comic genius. I've lost my best friend.
  • Crazy humor was always my type of humor, but it's the quiet kind of craziness I like. The rough type of nut humor like The Marx Brothers I could never go for.
  • [about the eight films he and Oliver Hardy made at 20th Century-Fox in the 1940s] We had no say on those films, and it sure looked it.
  • What business do we have telling people who to vote for? They probably know more about it than we do.
  • [on Dick Van Dyke] Dick is a very clever comic, very talented, he does resemble me facially but thats about all, firstly, he is much taller and his mannerisms are entirely his own style. I enjoyed very much meeting him, a very interesting chap.
  • [on Charles Chaplin] Just the greatest.
  • [on a comic he refused to name] Very funny when he's not being dirty. I can't stand him.
  • People have always loved our pictures. I guess that's because they saw how much love we put into them.
  • [on Oliver Hardy] He really is a very funny fellow, isn't he?
  • I don't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with Charles Chaplin.
  • What's there to say? It's shocking of course. Ollie was like a brother. That's the end of the history of Laurel and Hardy.
  • [on his working relationship with Oliver Hardy] There was never any disagreement between us, ever. Everything I did was tops with him.

Stan Laurel's height, weight, body shape, eye color

Lets describe how Stan Laurel looks. We will focus on his height, weight, body shape, eye color and hair color. He is tall as 5' 9" (175 cm). Stan weights 160lbs (73 kg). Body build is slim. His eyes are tinted blue. His hair is shade of brown - light.