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Robin Wright

Robin Wright's biography

Robin Virginia Gayle Wright is 57 years old actor born at Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas, USA. She was born on Thursday 8th of April 1965. Robin is often nicknamed as Ro, Robin Gayle Wright, Robin Wright, Robin Virginia Gayle Wright, Virginia Gayle, Robbie, Rob, Robin Wright Penn. According to year of birth 1965 Robin belongs to Boomers. Birthday on 8th of April means she is Aries. Aries is the most active sign of Zodiac, one born with this sign is a very quick learner, aggressive and passionate.She was married 2 times.

Robin is native english speaker. Robin is white american. She is citizen of United States of America. Robin´s primary profession is to be actor. You can know Robin also as model, film actor, television actor, film director, television producer. She is recently known as film producer.

Robin Wright's family

Robin Wright's ex husbands

Sean Penn

Robin Wright and Sean Penn have been together since 1996 for 13 years. He is known as film actor. Her ex husband was born on Wednesday 17th of August 1960 in Santa Monica.

Dane Witherspoon

Robin Wright and Dane Witherspoon have been together since 1986 for 2 years. He is known as actor. Robin´s ex husband was born on Friday 27th of December 1957 in Denton. Her ex husband died on Saturday 29th of March 2014 in Denver. Dane Witherspoon was 49 years old, when this happened.

Robin has 1 son and 1 daughter

Robin Wright's son: Hopper Penn

Robin Wright's son's name is Hopper Penn. Hopper is known as actor. Robin´s son was born on Friday 6th of August 1993 in Los Angeles.

Robin Wright's daughter: Dylan Penn

Robin Wright's daughter's name is Dylan Penn. Dylan is known as actor. Her daughter was born on Saturday 13th of April 1991 in Los Angeles.

Robin Wright's schools

We found 1 school Robin attended. Name of the school: William Howard Taft Charter High School.

Detailed informations about Robin´s schools

She studied high school - La Jolla High School, William Howard Taft High School.

Robin Wright's career

Robin´s main focus is to be actor. She is famous thanks to her roles as Jenny Curran in the 1994 comedy-drama film Forrest Gump, Buttercup in the 1987 fantasy adventure comedy film The Princess Bride, and Mary Surratt in the 2010 mystery historical drama film The Conspirator.

Is Robin Wright gay ?

She is known to be straight.

Robin Wright's boyfriend

Jason Patric

Robin Wright and Jason Patric have been together. He is known as film actor. Robin´s boyfriend was born on Friday 17th of June 1966 in Queens.

Awards and competitions

Robin Wright's Awards

  • Became the first actress to win a major award for a 'streamed' program: Golden Globe - Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - in Netflix's House of Cards (2013). [2014]

What else you don't know about Robin Wright ?

Her middle name is Virginia Gayle.

What Robin Wright has done for a first time

  • Backed out of the role of Maid Marian in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), with Kevin Costner, upon discovering that she was pregnant with her first child (daughter Dylan Penn).
  • In The Princess Bride (1987), she is credited as 'and introducing' (Robin Wright), although that was not her first film.
  • Became the first actress to win a major award for a 'streamed' program: Golden Globe - Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - in Netflix's House of Cards (2013). [2014]

Robin Wright's quotes

  • Famous is celebrityism and I don't want that. I know that I'm not that. Everybody knows who you are, I can't imagine living that life.
  • On working on the soap Santa Barbara (1984). "I don't want to knock it. It's been great. This has been my acting class - and paid training ain't bad."
  • These heavy movies, you carry them with you. Some days, when it would be great to chill and be a mom and just crash, I'm so wired, I can't turn it off. I would love to do a comedy again, it would be so much fun. Do people know that? Let's tell 'em!
  • [on the state of film in 2012] Everything now is escapism, because that's where the money is. There is a vacuum for serious drama. The mid-budget serious drama is something you don't experience anymore.

Robin Wright's height, weight, body shape, eye color, hair color

Lets describe how Robin Wright looks. We will focus on Robin´s height, weight, body shape, eye color, hair color and shoe size. She is tall as 5' 6" (168 cm). She weights 132lbs (60 kg). Body build is slim. Her eyes are tinted blue. Robin´s hair is shade of blonde. If you are really curious, you may find interesting Robin´s shoe size is 8.5.

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