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Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr's biography

Ringo Starr is 82 years old actor born at Liverpool. He was born on Sunday 7th of July 1940. He is often nicknamed as Ritchie. According to year of birth 1940 he belongs to Silent Generation. Birthday on 7th of July means he is Cancer. Cancer is a watery sign. They are very friendly and show motherly love to everyone. According to ascendant calculator, an important trait of these natives is their sensitive nature.He was married 2 times.

Ringo Starr's spouse

He is married to Barbara Bach

He is citizen of United Kingdom. His primary profession is to be actor. You can know him also as drummer, composer, voice actor, singer-songwriter, film actor, singer, musician, painter, screenwriter, film producer, guitarist, film editor, celebrity. He is recently known as film director.

Ringo Starr's dad

Ringo Starr's father's name is Richard Henry Parkin Starkey.

Ringo Starr's mom

Ringo Starr's mother's name is Elsie Starkey.

Ringo Starr's family

Ringo Starr's spouse

She is known as actor. His spouse was born on Wednesday 27th of August 1947 in Queens.

Ringo Starr's ex spouses

Maureen Starkey

Ringo Starr and Maureen Starkey have been together since 1965 for 10 years. She is known as singer. His ex spouse was born on Sunday 4th of August 1946 in Liverpool. His ex spouse died on Friday 30th of December 1994 in Seattle. Maureen Starkey was 54 years old, when this happened.

He has 1 son.

Ringo Starr's son: Zak Starkey

Ringo Starr's son's name is Zak Starkey. He is known as drummer. His son was born on Monday 13th of September 1965 in London.

Ringo Starr's schools

Detailed informations about his schools

  • He was born and grew up in The Dingle section of Liverpool, England. He attended St. Silas School and The Dingle Secondary Modern School.

Ringo Starr's career

His main focus is to be actor. You could see him also in Let It Be. Maybe you are curious what instrument does he play ? He plays drum.

Ringo Starr's partners

Shelley Duvall

Ringo Starr and Shelley Duvall have been together since 1975 for a year. She is known as film actor. His partner was born on Thursday 7th of July 1949 in Houston.

Nancy Lee Andrews

Ringo Starr and Nancy Lee Andrews have been together since 1976 for 4 years.

Awards and competitions

Ringo Starr's Awards

  • He and The Beatles were awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 7080 Hollywood Boulevard.
  • He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 1975 North Vine Street in Hollywood, California on February 8, 2010.
  • He was awarded the Knight Bachelor of the Order of the British Empire in the 2018 Queen's New Year's Honours List for his services to music and charity.

Ringo Starr's Nominations

  • He was nominated for Academy Award for Best Original Song Score

What Ringo Starr has done for a first time

  • He got his first set of drums as a present from his stepfather, who brought them back from London. He was able to turn professional with a £25 loan from his grandfather Starkey to make a deposit on a better drum set.
  • The first song he sang with The Beatles, as far as actual album cuts go, was a cover of The Shirelles' classic "Boys".

Ringo Starr's quotes

  • I'd like to end up sort of unforgettable.
  • I don't like talking. It's how I'm built. Some people gab all day and some play it smogo. I don't mind talking or smiling, it's just I don't do it very much. I haven't got a smiling face or a talking mouth.
  • [on is marriage to Maureen Cox [aka Maureen Starkey] She's just sort of ordinary, she's from Liverpool. And the genuine fans wrote in saying, you know, "If you are going with her, good luck and I hope you're happy.".
  • I remember the day [son Zak Starkey] was born. It was the first time I'd felt totally useless. There was [Maureen Starkey] having our baby. She kept on crying "Help!" and I kept asking "How?".
  • I think the most exciting thing is that you expect people our age to know the music, but actually a lot of kids know the music, and if anything is left, we have left really good music, and that's the important part, not the mop-tops or whatever.
  • I never studied anything, really. I didn't study the drums. I joined bands and made all the mistakes onstage.
  • We were the first generation that didn't go into the army. I missed the call up by, like, 10 months, and so we were allowed, as these teenagers, not to be regimented and turn into these musicians.
  • I'm probably the best rock 'n' roll drummer on earth. I say that now because I used to be embarrassed to speak up for myself.
  • My stepdad was great, he taught me about Sarah Vaughan, Billy Eckstine, people like that. I learnt all the music I had from Bill Haley in 1954, Frankie Laine and on.
  • [2011] When I started, there was rock, there was pop, there was country. That was about all. And now it's divided into 30 categories. Now I don't know one from the other.
  • The '70s wasn't bad. I thought the '80s was all synthesised, even the drums, and there were weird people playing the drums.
  • We've known Bob [Bob Dylan] since the early '60s and if he's playing L.A., I go and see him. It's just one of those things. He is a giant in my mind.
  • I don't want to go back anywhere. I want to deal with what's in front of me now to the best of my abilities, and sometimes that's not very good. But a lot of the days it is really great.
  • I love the modern technology now. I was a little opposed to it - "Oh, in my day, we used to have a donkey turning the wheel, and two guys chewing tape to make it soft.".
  • [on downloading individual songs] It's a different time, and I'm afraid to say that's what I do. If you made a record, I'd probably pick out tracks that I like and download that. That's just how it is. We have to go with that because it's changed.
  • Peace and love, peace and love. It's up to you. I'm always doing it.
  • [on filming Let It Be (1970)] The police came to stop us, and I was on the roof: "Come on, drag me off!". It would be so dramatic, and the damn cop wouldn't drag me off!
  • [2012] I've been asked to write an autobiography of myself, but they really only want those eight years. And I say, "But there are 10 volumes before we get to that, and 20 afterwards.".
  • When we came out, we were this big crazy pop band with these weird haircuts - which weren't really that weird. But that is what they said. We got lucky.
  • Everything the government touches turns to crap.
  • When I tell people my influences, they are surprised Buddy Rich is not one of them. They ask me, What about Buddy Rich? And I say, Well, what about him? He doesn't turn me on.
  • [If you're a good musician] you're probably also a good cook. Because your senses are open and that creativity carries over into every part of life.
  • [I invented] the craze of taking pictures of food. I really did. I was first. I love Instagram, but I've got loads of pictures of plates of food and empty chairs going back to the 1960s and '70s. You can tell a whole story from them.
  • When I was a teenager, I thought that everybody at 60 should be shot because they're useless. And when I got to 40 my mother said, 'I don't suppose you feel like that anymore, son.' I was well pissed of with being 40! But after that, you just go with it.

Ringo Starr's body shape

Lets describe how Ringo Starr looks. We will focus on his body shape. Body build is average.

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