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Peter Ustinov

Peter Ustinov's biography

Peter Alexander Freiherr von Ustinov is 83 years old actor born at London Borough of Camden. Peter was born on Saturday 16th of April 1921. Peter is often nicknamed as Sir Peter Alexander Ustinov, Cbe, Frsa, Peter Alexander Ustinov, Sir Peter Ustinov, Peter Ustinov, Sir. According to year of birth 1921 Peter belongs to Greatest Generation. Birthday on 16th of April means Peter is Aries. Aries is the most active sign of Zodiac, one born with this sign is a very quick learner, aggressive and passionate.He was married 3 times.

Peter Alexander Freiherr von Ustinov's spouse

He is married to Hélène du Lau d'Allemans

He is white british. He is citizen of United Kingdom. He is secular humanist. His primary profession is to be actor. You can know him also as film director, writer, television presenter, screenwriter, playwright, film producer, autobiographer, comedian. Peter is recently known as television actor.

Peter Ustinov's dad

Peter Ustinov's father's name is Jona von Ustinov.

Peter Ustinov's mom

Peter Ustinov's mother's name is Nadia Benois. She is known as painter. His mother was born on Sunday 17th of May 1896 in Saint Petersburg. Peter Ustinov was born when she was 25 years old. Peter´s mother died on Sunday 8th of December 1974 in Gloucestershire. Nadia Benois was 53 years old, when this happened.

Peter Ustinov's family

Peter Ustinov's wife

Peter Ustinov's ex wifes

Suzanne Cloutier

Peter Ustinov and Suzanne Cloutier have been together since 1954 for 17 years. She is known as actor. Peter´s ex wife was born on Tuesday 10th of July 1923 in Ottawa. Peter´s ex wife died on Tuesday 2nd of December 2003 in Montréal-Est. Suzanne Cloutier was 82 years old, when this happened.

Isolde Denham

Peter Ustinov and Isolde Denham have been together since 1940 for 10 years.

Peter has 2 daughters.

Peter Ustinov's daughter: Tamara Ustinov

Peter Ustinov's daughter's name is Tamara Ustinov. She is known as actor. Peter´s daughter was born on Wednesday 25th of July 1945 in London.

Peter Ustinov's daughter: Pavla Ustinov

Peter Ustinov's daughter's name is Pavla Ustinov. She is known as film actor. Peter´s daughter was born on Wednesday 2nd of June 1954.

Peter Ustinov's schools

We found 1 school Peter attended. Name of the school: Westminster School.

Peter Ustinov's career

His main focus is to be actor. Peter is famous thanks to Evil Under the Sun. You could see Peter also in Spartacus, Topkapi, Quo Vadis, Hallmark Hall of Fame and many more. Peter is also a member of Club of Budapest.

Is Peter Ustinov gay ?

He is known to be straight.

How did Peter Ustinov die

Peter died on on Sunday 28th of March 2004 when he was 83 years old at Genolier. Peter Ustinovs death was caused by heart failure. It happend like natural causes.

Awards and competitions

Peter Ustinov's Awards

  • Ustinov was awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in the 1975 Queen's Birthday Honours List for his services to drama. 15 years later, he received a knighthood (Knight Bachelor) for the same service in the 1990 list.
  • In 1958 he received two Tony Award nominations, for Best Actor (Dramatic) and Best Play Author, for "Romanoff and Juliet".
  • In 1964, he accepted the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role on behalf of Margaret Rutherford, who wasn't present at the awards ceremony.
  • Was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by Dundee University and an honorary Doctor of Music degree by the Cleveland Institute of Music in Cleveland, Ohio.

Peter Ustinov's Nominations

  • Peter was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for work Quo Vadis in 1951
  • Peter was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor
  • He was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor
  • Peter was nominated for Academy Award for Best Writing, Original Screenplay

What else you don't know about Peter Ustinov ?

Peter´s middle name is Alexander Freiherr.

What Peter Ustinov has done for a first time

  • The New London Theatre in Drury Lane WC2 first opened on 2nd January 1973 with Peter Ustinov's play "The Unknown Soldier and His Wife".
  • Ustinov's first wife was Angela Lansbury's half-sister, Isolde Denham (1920-1987). They were married from 1940 to 1950, when the union ended in divorce. Ustinov and Denham had one child together, Tamara Ustinov.

Peter Ustinov's quotes

  • A diplomat these days is nothing but a headwaiter who's allowed to sit down occasionally.
  • [T]he great thing about history is that it is adaptable.
  • Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.
  • [on critics] They search for ages for the wrong word, which, to give them credit, they eventually find.
  • The habit of religion is oppressive, an easy way out of thought.
  • Beliefs are what divide people. Doubt unites them.
  • Mervyn LeRoy, the director of Quo Vadis (1951), gave me this gem of advice on how to play the Emperor Nero: "The way I see Nero, this is the kinda guy who plays with himself nights".
  • I was irrevocably betrothed to laughter, the sound of which has always seemed to me to be the most civilized music in the world.
  • [regarding his portrayal of supersleuth Hercule Poirot] When Rosalind Hicks, Agatha Christie's daughter, first saw me, she said, "That's not Poirot". I said, "It is now, my dear".
  • People are annoyed with the Chinese for not respecting more human rights. But with a population that size it's very difficult to have the same attitude to human rights.
  • [about the collapse of the Soviet Union] I suppose you can't blame [Mikhail Gorbachev, but it is his fault for making America the only superpower.
  • [on the American and British invasion of Afghanistan in 2001] You can't fight terrorism without becoming a terrorist yourself.
  • [on the invasion of Iraq in 2003] Terrorism is the war of the poor, and war is the terrorism of the rich.
  • Life is unfair but remember it is unfair in your favor.
  • [on Alec Guinness] His elusive nature sees to it that however well one knows him, one is never without an ardent desire to know him better.
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Peter Ustinov's height, body shape, eye color

Lets describe how Peter Ustinov looks. We will focus on Peter´s height, body shape, eye color and hair color. Peter is tall as 5' 11½" (182 cm). Body build is large. His eyes are tinted green. Peter´s hair is shade of grey.