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Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall's biography

Penny Marshall is 75 years old film director born at The Bronx. She was born on Friday 15th of October 1943. According to year of birth 1943 she belongs to Silent Generation. Birthday on 15th of October means she is Libra. Libra sign depicts that it is all about “Balance”. It seems that their life is very balanced, however, things are way opposite as they always face unstable situations in order to balance it further.

She is native english speaker. She is citizen of United States of America. She is an adherent of congregational church. Her primary profession is to be film director. You can know her also as film producer, screenwriter, writer, stunt performer, singer, dancer, voice actor, comedian, film actor. She is recently known as television actor.

Penny Marshall's dad

Penny Marshall's father's name is Anthony W. Marshall. He is known as television producer. Her father was born on Thursday 29th of March 1906. Her father died on Monday 12th of July 1999. Anthony W. Marshall was 56 years old, when this happened.

Penny Marshall's family

Penny Marshall's ex spouse

Rob Reiner

Penny Marshall and Rob Reiner have been together since 1971 for 10 years. He is known as film producer. Her ex spouse was born on Thursday 6th of March 1947.

She has 1 daughter.

Penny Marshall's daughter: Tracy Reiner

Penny Marshall's daughter's name is Tracy Reiner. She is known as film actor. Her daughter was born on Tuesday 7th of July 1964 in Albuquerque.

Penny Marshall's schools

We found 2 schools She attended. Complete list of schools: University of New Mexico, Walton High School.

Penny Marshall's career

Her main focus is to be film director.

How did Penny Marshall die

She died on on Monday 17th of December 2018 when he was 75 years old at Los Angeles. Penny Marshalls death was caused by complications from diabetes. It happend like natural causes.

Awards and competitions

Penny Marshall's Awards

  • She was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a double ceremony with Cindy Williams at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on August 12, 2004.

Penny Marshall's Nominations

  • Has directed two actors to Oscar nominations: Tom Hanks (Best Actor, Big (1988)), and Robert De Niro (Best Actor, Awakenings (1990)).

What Penny Marshall has done for a first time

  • Is the first female to direct a movie that grossed over 100 million dollars in the United States, with Big (1988). And the first female director with two movies that grossed over 100 million, with A League of Their Own (1992).

Penny Marshall's quotes

  • I have a strange combination of fearlessness and massive insecurity.
  • You had to learn at a certain age what sarcasm is, you know?
  • If you're not having a good time, find something else that gives you some joy in life.
  • My brother and sister were much older. They were planned. I was not planned for. I was called the mistake, amongst other things.
  • I don't mind if somebody texts me but I'm not a big texter, the things are too small. I don't mind if they text, '7 o'clock', that's fine, that's logistics but, 'What's up?' Get real! Pick up a phone!
  • I do feel it's important to entertain people. I try to.
  • I don't know one lens from another. That's not my job. It's the cinematographer's job. But I can talk to people.
  • I don't startle easily.
  • I have season tickets to the Lakers and the Clippers.
  • I tell stories so only the independents do that and they don't pay you that much. I'd rather do television or an HBO movie.
  • I've directed seven movies and know a thing or two about dealing with unexpected crises.
  • My family is well, and that's what's important.
  • In my opinion, life is more important than show business.
  • Movie stars are insecure like everyone else. That's why they go into acting!
  • I'm very happy to watch a video at home with a friend rather than do dinner.
  • I want you to laugh and cry. That's what I do.
  • I wish I could sing better.
  • I would much rather feel comfortable and feel beautiful, than to feel uncomfortable, but look fantastic.
  • I'll try anything. What are they gonna do, kick me out of show business?
  • I'm not a hockey fan. I'm not a golf fan.
  • I live in L.A., so I go to basketball games. But I love baseball.
  • I think everyone's mother is slightly nuts.
  • I'm not the most positive person.
  • We all used to collect baseball cards that came with bubble gum. You could never get the smell of gum off your cards, but you kept your Yankees cards pristine.
  • I do talk like a truck driver sometimes, or I curse. What can I say?
  • I wasn't like a girly girl. I was a tomboy.
  • I have a grandson who is 20. He's a computer guy. I'm worried that he can't communicate without his machine. They have no personal contact with people. That's the bad part of technology.
  • Yankee Stadium was the only thing we had in the Bronx. It was an institution.
  • I have a good support system of friends and family.
  • I like arts and crafts.
  • Once I commit to something, I complete it. If I say 'no', I mean 'no'. I just have to learn how to say 'no' more.
  • The truth is that I am not a frump... I just enjoy being laid back.
  • My mother was pretty nuts, but she was also a character.
  • People who text a lot are not my favorite thing.
  • When I'm working, I'm obsessively working.
  • It's better for me to go up against someone's passion with my passion and then clarifying something that he wrote. Then I know how to work around certain things.
  • Look at YouTube, how many talented people there are. It's a whole new world of how to express yourself. I don't know how to work that world, but take advantage of it.
  • I'm not someone who has had to deal with much personal drama outside of the usual: growing up with parents who hated each other, two marriages and divorces of my own. There was the cancer thing, too.
  • You need to see what the actor needs. This one wants to be talked to privately. That one doesn't mind if you block it for them. Just tell me the truth and I'll adapt to it.
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Penny Marshall's body shape

Lets describe how Penny Marshall looks. We will focus on her body shape. Body build is average.