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Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond's biography

Neil Diamond is 81 years old singer-songwriter born at Brooklyn. He was born on Friday 24th of January 1941. He is often nicknamed as The Jewish Elvis. According to year of birth 1941 he belongs to Silent Generation. Birthday on 24th of January means he is Aquarius. Aquarius is an Airy sign. They are smart thinkers, social, communicative, independent and intelligent people.

He is native english speaker. He is citizen of United States of America. He is an adherent of judaism. His primary profession is to be singer-songwriter. You can know him also as musician, singer, pianist, guitarist, recording artist. He is recently known as actor.

Neil Diamond's schools

We found 3 schools He attended. Complete list of schools: Erasmus Hall High School, Abraham Lincoln High School, The Center for Early Education.

Neil Diamond's career

His main focus is to be singer-songwriter. Maybe you are curious what instrument does he play ? He plays guitar.

Awards and competitions

Neil Diamond's Awards

  • For his role in The Jazz Singer (1980), Diamond became the first ever "Winner" of a Worst Actor Razzie Award.
  • Winner of the inaugural Billboard Icon Award, from Billboard magazine (2011).
  • He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 1750 North Vine Street in Hollywood, California on August 10, 2012.

Neil Diamond's Nominations

  • He was nominated for Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor for work The Jazz Singer in 1981
  • He was nominated for Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Original Song for work You Baby in 1981

What Neil Diamond has done for a first time

  • For his role in The Jazz Singer (1980), Diamond became the first ever "Winner" of a Worst Actor Razzie Award.

Neil Diamond's quotes

  • It's very difficult for me to say "I love you" but to sing "I love you" for me is easier.
  • My voice is unadorned. I don't try for perfection. I try to be honest and truthful and soulful with the voice I have. If I make mistakes in notes, or there are cracks in notes, I don't fix them. That's the way it is.
  • I'm not there to entertain people. We're there to do something together.
  • I want to know what marathon runners do. Because I do the same thing. I run a two-hour marathon every time onstage. So I have my electrolytes kept at a certain level, and I do my carb-loading after the shows for the next night.
  • Somehow, it's dawning on me that I'm a more mature individual and I'm not a kid writing "Cherry, Cherry" anymore.
  • I already have "Sweet Caroline". Most of these people haven't heard "Hell Yeah" or "Man of God", but I see them and they're listening, and that's really all I want.
  • This is my job. Someone much greater than me gave me that job. He said, "You, you with that stupid look on your face - go out and sing until I tell you to stop." I haven't heard the word yet so I'm just going to keep doing it.
  • Love is the elixir of eternal youth.
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Neil Diamond's body shape

Lets describe how Neil Diamond looks. We will focus on his body shape. Body build is average.

Latest news about Neil Diamond

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