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Mitchell Hurwitz

Mitchell Hurwitz's biography

Mitchell Hurwitz is 59 years old film producer born at Anaheim. He was born on Wednesday 29th of May 1963. He is often nicknamed as Mitch. According to year of birth 1963 Mitchell belongs to Boomers. Birthday on 29th of May means Mitchell is Gemini. Gemini is a dual sign of Zodiac Belt. One born with this rising sign is very dual and creative in nature with lots of verbosity. They are the most expressive people as they love talking.

Mitchell is white american. He is citizen of United States of America. He is jewish. Mitchell´s primary profession is to be film producer. You can know Mitchell also as screenwriter, director, film actor, showrunner. He is recently known as television producer.

Mitchell Hurwitz's family

Mitchell Hurwitz's wife

She is known as actor.

Mitchell Hurwitz's ex wife

Mitchell Hurwitz's schools

We found 2 schools Mitchell attended. Complete list of schools: Georgetown University, Estancia High School.

Detailed informations about his schools

  • He attended and graduated from Estancia High School in Costa Mesa, California.

Mitchell Hurwitz's career

Mitchell´s main focus is to be film producer.

Is Mitchell Hurwitz gay ?

He is known to be straight.

Awards and competitions

Mitchell Hurwitz's Awards

  • Mitchell received award for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for work Arrested Development in 2004
  • He received award for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for work Arrested Development in 2005

Mitchell Hurwitz's quotes

  • With 'Arrested Development,' we tried showing the deep disdain that connects a family. We wanted to hold up a mirror to American society. And, just as predicted, America looked away.
  • You know, 'The Golden Girls' was a very unusual show to start on. I was young, and it was a show about old people, and it was a very traditional show, but it was also an amazing training ground for a joke-writer. It forced me to learn those skills.
  • Something about not waiting for the laugh of a laugh track allows you to take lines that otherwise might be seen as just direct jokes, and make them seem realistic.
  • It's like, if I had the luxury of choice, and didn't have to worry about making a living, I would definitely want to get into whatever field it was that allowed me to push further and further comedically. Because that's the joy of it.
  • When you don't have a laugh track, you can make the clothes funny. We can make a sign funny. We can make the way somebody walks funny. The makeup can be funny.
  • What's realistic to me is that families love each other and stand by each other. What's unrealistic is that they would ever say that.
  • Shows don't reunite because television doesn't work that way. There's no profit model and people go off to do other work.
  • Television is a very writer-driven business, and it's one of the few parts of entertainment where writers are treated with respect, only because they need you. If they didn't have to treat you with respect, they would be happy to dismiss you.
  • There's real peril in trying to repeat yourself, and apply rules that applied to something else to a new project.
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Mitchell Hurwitz's body shape

Lets describe how Mitchell Hurwitz looks. We will focus on his body shape. Body build is average.

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