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Michaela Watkins

Michaela Watkins's biography

Michaela Suzanne Watkins is 51 years old comedian born at Syracuse. Michaela was born on Tuesday 14th of December 1971. She is often nicknamed as Mickey. According to year of birth 1971 she belongs to Generation X. Birthday on 14th of December means she is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a Fiery sign of Zodiac Belt. These people are highly learned and love to gain knowledge throughout their life.

Michaela is native english speaker. Michaela is white american. Michaela is citizen of United States of America. Michaela´s primary profession is to be comedian. You can know her also as television actor, screenwriter, film actor, actor. Michaela is recently known as television producer.

Michaela Watkins's schools

We found 3 schools Michaela attended. Complete list of schools: Boston University, Boston University College of Fine Arts, Wellesley High School.

Detailed informations about her schools

She studied high school - Wellesley High School in Wellesley, MA.

Michaela studied university - BFA, Boston University School for the Arts.

Michaela Watkins's career

Her main focus is to be comedian. Michaela is famous thanks to New Girl.

Is Michaela Watkins gay ?

Michaela is known to be straight.

Michaela Watkins's quotes

  • I do like to play people I wouldn't want to spend five minutes in a room with.
  • I actually have huge respect for Lorne Michaels. I think that guy is really something.
  • I love working so much. For me, working equals happiness.
  • I do think non-linearly. So I think that comes off as nervousness or anxiety in a person.
  • Maybe women get to a certain age and they no longer have a filter; they're considered crazy people or something.
  • Because I do mostly comedy, I'm usually working with friends, and it's usually a ball.
  • I'm happy because I was proud of what I did at 'SNL.' It's the only time probably in my life that I didn't have any regrets. I worked really hard. I played really nice. I threw myself into it. I committed. Beyond that, what else could I have done?
  • Rejection and I are old friends.
  • I just want to make people laugh, and I want to do that the best way possible.
  • I loved the movie 'Dangerous Liasons' with John Malkovich.
  • I love comedies, both broad and subtle.
  • When you're casting a show, you have your idea of who you want it to be, and of course, those are going to be very well-known names.
  • I get to do physical comedy! When do women get to do physical comedy? Very rarely.
  • I don't come from a Hollywood family. I don't have Hollywood friends. I didn't have any connections.
  • Evvverrrrybody wants to know what it's like working with Jennifer Lopez.
  • What's fun now is that I have a show at USA that I co-wrote called 'Benched.' I'm completely behind the scenes and not the actor at all.
  • I have this weird optimism that when things are not good - like, really, genuinely not good - that we shall persevere.
  • My mom is an avid musical theatergoer. My dad would always get a subscription to the Syracuse Stage. I was always exposed to theater. So I went to a theater conservatory at Boston University.
  • A great time in my life was being totally single and actively not dating. Just saying, 'I'm gonna not be in a relationship. I'm gonna not date.' That was a super fun, awesome time.
  • I am just scared to death of online dating.
  • The wardrobe department isn't a bunch of elves there to serve you; they're artists with vision. Honor them.
  • I made a pact with myself when I was 12 that I would only work with people who make me happy. I choose happy.
  • Everyone's job is invaluable. Film and TV production is collaboration.
  • As much as I would have loved to look like Jennifer Aniston in 'Friends,' that didn't happen. And I really tried! I hit that gym! I got a flatiron. But it didn't happen.
  • I'm definitely an observer of human behavior. I always have been.
  • I say yes to everything if I like the overall thing that's being put out there. I'll do anything with David Wain.
  • My dad is a mathematician; I think we both have that problem-solving, looking-for-patterns way of thinking.
  • I'd love to do a Marvel movie.
  • 'SNL' was a dream come true for me. It was a fantastic year. I don't have any regrets.
  • When I got 'Trophy Wife', the first fear is, 'This could go away;' the second is, 'It's here and I love it; I hope it gets a second season.'
  • As far as celebrity, people don't stop me on the street and know who I am. It's more like, 'Doesn't she remind you of so-and-so's ex-girlfriend?' It's always somebody's ex-girlfriend. Somebody ex-girlfriend who's 'crazy.'

Michaela Watkins's height, weight, body shape, eye color

Lets describe how Michaela Watkins looks. We will focus on Michaela´s height, weight, body shape, eye color and hair color. Michaela is tall as 5' 5½" (166 cm). Michaela weights 121lbs (55 kg). Body build is slim. Her eyes are tinted brown - dark. Michaela´s hair is shade of brown - dark.

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