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Merle Oberon

Merle Oberon's biography

Estelle Merle O'Brien Thompson is 68 years old screenwriter born at Mumbai. Merle was born on Sunday 19th of February 1911. She is often nicknamed as Obie, Estelle Merle Thompson, Queenie. According to year of birth 1911 Merle belongs to Greatest Generation. Birthday on 19th of February means Merle is Pisces. Pisces is a Watery Sign. They are very intuitive people. They are empathic, emotional and highly spiritual in nature.Merle was married 3 times.

Merle is multiracial indian. Merle is citizen of United Kingdom. Her primary profession is to be screenwriter. She is recently known as film actor.

Merle Oberon's family

Merle Oberon's ex husbands

Robert Wolders

Merle Oberon and Robert Wolders have been together since 1975 for 4 years. He is known as television actor. Her ex husband was born on Monday 28th of September 1936 in Rotterdam. Her ex husband died on Thursday 12th of July 2018 in Malibu. Robert Wolders was 107 years old, when this happened.

Alexander Korda

Merle Oberon and Alexander Korda have been together since 1939 for 6 years. He is known as film director. Her ex husband was born on Saturday 16th of September 1893 in Túrkeve. Merle´s ex husband died on Monday 23rd of January 1956 in London. Alexander Korda was 45 years old, when this happened.

Lucien Ballard

Merle Oberon and Lucien Ballard have been together since 1945 for 4 years.

Merle Oberon's schools

We found 1 school Merle attended. Name of the school: La Martiniere Calcutta.

Merle Oberon's career

Her main focus is to be screenwriter. She is famous thanks to Wuthering Heights.

Is Merle Oberon gay ?

She is known to be straight.

How did Merle Oberon die

Merle died on on Friday 23rd of November 1979 when he was 68 years old at Malibu. Merle Oberons death was caused by stroke. It happend like natural causes.

Awards and competitions

Merle Oberon's Awards

  • Awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6274 Hollywood Blvd. on February 8, 1960.
  • Oberon made a cameo appearance as herself in the film The Oscar (1966) in the scene in which she presents the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Merle Oberon's Nominations

  • Appeared in two Best Picture Oscar nominees: The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933) and Wuthering Heights (1939).

What Merle Oberon has done for a first time

  • Most early biographies of her credited Service for Ladies (1927) as her first Alexander Korda film, however she was not in it nor Never Trouble Trouble (1931), another film in which she is often incorrectly included in the cast.

Merle Oberon's quotes

  • Without security, it is difficult for a woman to look or feel beautiful.
  • Even when I was single, I owned homes and gardens. I buy beauty when other women buy jewels. Land is security to me. I need gardens that are mine to walk on.
  • [Norma Shearer] was so nice to me when I was in Cailfornia.

Merle Oberon's height, body shape, eye color

Lets describe how Merle Oberon looks. We will focus on her height, body shape, eye color and hair color. Merle is tall as 5' 2" (157 cm). Body build is slim. Her eyes are tinted green. Merle´s hair is shade of brown - dark.