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Corbin Bernsen

Corbin Bernsen's biography

Corbin Bernsen is 68 years old actor born at North Hollywood. He was born on Tuesday 7th of September 1954. According to year of birth 1954 he belongs to Boomers. Birthday on 7th of September means he is Virgo. Virgo is an earthy sign of Zodiac Belt. People born under this Rising Sign are practical in nature. They believe in reality and represents themselves as a strong person.

He is native english speaker. He is citizen of United States of America. His primary profession is to be actor. You can know him also as film director, television actor, film actor, screenwriter, writer, film producer. He is recently known as model.

Corbin Bernsen's mom

Corbin Bernsen's mother's name is Jeanne Cooper. Wilma is known as actor. His mother was born on Thursday 25th of October 1928 in Taft. Corbin Bernsen was born when she was 26 years old. His mother died on Wednesday 8th of May 2013 in Los Angeles. Jeanne Cooper was 59 years old, when this happened.

Corbin Bernsen's family

Corbin Bernsen's spouse

She is known as actor. His spouse was born on Saturday 6th of June 1959 in London.

Corbin Bernsen's ex spouse

He has 1 son.

Corbin Bernsen's son: Henry Pays Bernsen

Corbin Bernsen's son's name is Henry Pays Bernsen. He is known as actor. His son was born on Thursday 19th of March 1992 in Los Angeles.

Corbin Bernsen's schools

We found 3 schools He attended. Complete list of schools: UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, University of California, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills High School.

Detailed informations about his schools

  • Graduated Beverly Hills High School in 1972.

Corbin Bernsen's career

His main focus is to be actor.

Corbin Bernsen's quotes

  • I saw the excitement, going to different places, being able to explore emotion in a healthy way.
  • I have to say, though, it's a little strange doing both because Durant is very straight and stern and austere.
  • It's not so much I like to go win, but it's a rush. A horrible gut wrenching thing, but it's exciting.
  • If we stop exploring space, we're going to lose the same part of us that found vaccines and penicillin, the part that searches for cures to cancer and AIDS.
  • I love to entertain, I love to make people laugh, cry, and move them, perhaps moving them in their lives.
  • It's an addictive thing. It's not so much I like to go win, but it's a rush.
  • It's a great counter to doing the soap because it's a comedy. It's real physical comedy.
  • In daytime, they're doing 50-60 pages a day, whereas nighttime, you do seven or eight.
  • I'm sort of an experimenter; I thought it'd be interesting to play around and see what's there.
  • I'd like to direct some, act in some of them, and produce.
  • Taking employment out of the country - now that's taking away jobs. These shows employ a lot of people: production, post-production, music supervisors, camera people. A hundred people or more.
  • I'm very much looking forward to my 30-40 years of acting, and, as I get older, I'm really looking forward to some of the roles that are out there to play.
  • Well, acting was just in me and I tried to avoid it. I didn't want to do what my parents did, you know?
  • We need a space program because we need explorers. It's in our souls.
  • There's nothing like coming home here, having the day off or morning off and going surfing. In Orlando I don't know what I would do.
  • Yeah, I think if I were to go again, I'd try to go more on gut feelings and stick with it. I was on to Frederique. I found clues for everything, I found tons of stuff.
  • They sent me some tapes of the original Mole and I thought it was pretty intriguing. I'm sort of an experimenter; I thought it'd be interesting to play around and see what's there. It was fun. Turned out to be good.
  • [In a chat with Conan O'Brien, said playfully] Most women in the business sneak off to Costa Rica and return with a new younger face, but no my mother has hers done live on TV and has it written into her script.
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Corbin Bernsen's body shape

Lets describe how Corbin Bernsen looks. We will focus on his body shape. Body build is average.

Latest news about Corbin Bernsen

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