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Constance Bennett

Constance Bennett's biography

Constance Bennett is 61 years old stage actor born on on Saturday 22nd of October 1904. According to year of birth 1904 she belongs to Greatest Generation. Birthday on 22nd of October means she is Libra. Libra sign depicts that it is all about “Balance”. It seems that their life is very balanced, however, things are way opposite as they always face unstable situations in order to balance it further.She was married 2 times.

She is native english speaker. She is citizen of United States of America. Her primary profession is to be stage actor. You can know her also as film actor, film producer. She is recently known as actor.

Constance Bennett's dad

Constance Bennett's father's name is Richard Bennett. He is known as screenwriter. Her father was born on Saturday 21st of May 1870 in Deacon. Her father died on Sunday 22nd of October 1944 in Los Angeles. Richard Bennett was 40 years old, when this happened.

Constance Bennett's mom

Constance Bennett's mother's name is Adrienne Morrison. She is known as actor. Her mother was born on Thursday 1st of March 1883. Constance Bennett was born when she was 21 years old. Her mother died on Wednesday 20th of November 1940 in New York City. Adrienne Morrison was 36 years old, when this happened.

Constance Bennett's family

Constance Bennett's ex spouses

Gilbert Roland

Constance Bennett and Gilbert Roland have been together since 1941 for 5 years. Luis is known as film actor. Her ex spouse was born on Monday 11th of December 1905 in Ciudad Juárez. Her ex spouse died on Sunday 15th of May 1994 in Beverly Hills. Gilbert Roland was 90 years old, when this happened.

Henry de La Falaise

Constance Bennett and Henry De La Falaise have been together since 1931 for 9 years. He is known as actor. Her ex spouse was born on Friday 11th of February 1898 in Saint-Cyr-l'École. Her ex spouse died on Monday 10th of April 1972 in Calvià. Henry De La Falaise was 68 years old, when this happened.

Constance Bennett's schools

We found 1 school She attended. Name of the school: Chapin School.

Constance Bennett's career

Her main focus is to be stage actor.

How did Constance Bennett die

She died on on Saturday 24th of July 1965 when he was 61 years old at Fort Dix. Constance Bennetts death was caused by cerebral hemorrhage. It happend like natural causes.

Constance Bennett's quotes

  • I'm a lot more sartorial than thespian. They come to see me and go out humming the costumes.
  • [on Marilyn Monroe] There's a broad with her future behind her.

Constance Bennett's body shape

Lets describe how Constance Bennett looks. We will focus on her body shape. Body build is average.