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Clara Bow

Clara Bow's biography

Clara Bow is 60 years old actor born at Brooklyn. She was born on Saturday 29th of July 1905. She is often nicknamed as The "It" Girl. According to year of birth 1905 she belongs to Greatest Generation. Birthday on 29th of July means she is Leo. As sign in itself indicates “Lion” or “King”, hence people born under Leo sign are considered to be leaders in every aspects of life. They are royal in nature.

She is native english speaker. She is citizen of United States of America. Her primary profession is to be actor. She is recently known as film actor.

Clara Bow's family

Clara Bow's ex spouse

Rex Bell

Clara Bow and Rex Bell have been together since 1931 for 31 years. He is known as actor. Her ex spouse was born on Friday 16th of October 1903 in Chicago. Her ex spouse died on Wednesday 4th of July 1962 in Las Vegas. Rex Bell was 57 years old, when this happened.

Clara Bow's schools

We found 2 schools She attended. Complete list of schools: Bay Ridge High School, Erasmus Hall High School.

Clara Bow's career

Her main focus is to be actor.

How did Clara Bow die

She died on on Monday 27th of September 1965 when he was 60 years old. Clara Bows death was caused by heart attack. It happend like natural causes.

What Clara Bow has done for a first time

  • For her first talking picture, Clara Bow had only 2 weeks to learn.

Clara Bow's quotes

  • The more I see of men, the more I like dogs.
  • [on director Victor Fleming] Of all the men I've known, there was a man.
  • [when asked what "It" was, replying in her perfect Brooklyn accent] I ain't real sure.
  • People used to say that I had a feeling of closeness, a great warmth of loving everybody, that they could tell me their troubles.
  • [asked for her thoughts on Marilyn Monroe after Monroe's death] A sex symbol is a heavy load to carry when one is tired, hurt and bewildered.
  • Wally Reid was my first sweetheart, though I never saw him except on the screen. He was Sir Galahad in all his glory. I worshiped Mary Pickford. How kind and gentle and loving she was. Maybe there were people like that in the world.

Clara Bow's body shape

Lets describe how Clara Bow looks. We will focus on her body shape. Body build is average.