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Cameron Mitchell

Cameron Mitchell's biography

Cameron McDowell Mitzell is -28 years old actor born at Dallastown, Pennsylvania, USA. Cameron was born on Friday 4th of November 2022. Cameron is often nicknamed as Cameron McDowell Mitzell, Cameron Mitchell. According to year of birth 2022 Cameron belongs to Generation Alpha. Birthday on 4th of November means Cameron is Scorpio. Scorpio is a watery sign. These people are very intense in their thoughts. They always learn from the transformatory phase of their life.

Cameron is white american.

Cameron Mitchell's schools

Detailed informations about Cameron Mitchell's schools

  • Graduated from Greenwood High School in Millerstown, PA, in 1936.
  • Attended the Theater School of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Cameron Mitchell's career

Cameron Mitchell's main focus is to be actor. Cameron is famous thanks to Carousel (1956).

Is Cameron Mitchell gay ?

Cameron is known to be straight.

How did Cameron Mitchell die

Cameron died on on Wednesday 6th of July 1994 when he was only 28 years old. Cameron Mitchells death was caused by lung cancer.

What Cameron Mitchell has done for a first time

  • Was producer David Dortort's first choice for the co-lead role, opposite Leif Erickson, in The High Chaparral (1967).
  • His son Fred served as president of Intercontinental Packers, alongside Johanna Mitchell--his mother and Cameron's first wife. She served as Chairwoman of the Board in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (in Canada).

Cameron Mitchell's quotes

  • All the men in our family as far back as I cam remember were ministers. We had a corner on the market. It just figured that I would follow along.
  • [1958, when replacing an ill actor in the York Little Theater's production of "Inherit the Wind"] It's a great part, just right for my father, but not for me.
  • [upon being released from jail for not paying his alimony on time] This comes like a shot out of the blue. I don't know if she wants to slowly kill me, you know, privately and professionally, I just don't know; but I'm not bitter.
  • [In 1961] I have to live too. 40% for her [his ex-wife], 10% to an agent, 5% to a manager and on and on. It all comes to about 128%.
  • [In 1973, after he married a widow] I love her very much. She's a real Southern belle, so much so that she reminds me of Scarlett O'Hara. I'm very much in love with her.
  • What people forget is that a professional actor works hard at his job; even when a vehicle is terrible an actor can be good, though the public may not give him credit.
  • [In 1974] I have only $26 in two bank accounts despite receiving $200,000 in movie residuals during the last two years.
  • [In 1975] Still, I like to act, because I don't like myself very much, and acting is an escape.
  • [Of his globe-trotting lifestyle] I feel like Willy Loman, because I'm always packing my suitcases. I don't think anybody's traveled more than I have.
  • [About his taste in movies] Many years ago I liked every picture--and today, I don't like any!
  • [about why he doesn't bet on golf games, though he is an inveterate gambler] I like to bet the dogs, but I enjoy golf too much to spoil it with gambling.
  • [In 1968] I was almost mobbed when I went into the black compound. All those lousy movies I made in Europe were the only ones those poor people could afford to see. I was a big star to them.
  • I must admit that I rather enjoyed the laughter.
  • [about making westerns] I guess Adventures of Gallant Bess (1948) was my first western. The horse in that film was remarkable. She knew a couple hundred verbal commands.
  • I ride Prince, an 11-year-old bay. He's a smart horse--smart enough to occasionally get impatient with all the fooling around required when filming. He can steal a scene, too. I'll be doing dialogue and he'll come up and nibble my sleeve or rub his head.
  • [Of his role on The High Chaparral (1967)] Here in Hollywood it's another Bonanza (1959), but just alone out there in the desert, you have a feeling you're doing something that really happened to somebody 100 years ago.
  • [In 1969] They are not used to this sun. They are so keen to see us that they forget. They're not even dressed properly. Every weekend during the summer season there's an average of 25 people who collapse as they watch.
  • I don't like gore pictures, I won't see them. I make them, but I don't have to look at them.
  • [While playing Buck Cannon, he discussed the bad grammar his character Buck was using] These cowhands, most of them were illiterate and when you showed them a watch they weren't too sure whether it was the big hand or the little one that told the hour.
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Cameron Mitchell's height, body shape

Lets describe how Cameron Mitchell looks. We will focus on Cameron Mitchell's height, body shape and hair color. Cameron is tall as 5' 11" (180 cm). Body build is average. Cameron Mitchell's hair is shade of salt and pepper.