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Brian Keith

Brian Keith's biography

Brian Keith is 76 years old actor born at Bayonne. He was born on Monday 14th of November 1921. According to year of birth 1921 he belongs to Greatest Generation. Birthday on 14th of November means he is Scorpio. Scorpio is a watery sign. These people are very intense in their thoughts. They always learn from the transformatory phase of their life.

He is native english speaker. He is citizen of United States of America. His primary profession is to be actor. You can know him also as character actor, stage actor, television actor. He is recently known as film actor.

Brian Keith's dad

Brian Keith's father's name is Robert Keith.

Brian Keith's family

Brian Keith's ex spouse

Judy Landon

Brian Keith and Judy Landon have been together since 1954 for 15 years. His ex spouse was born in 1928.

Brian Keith's schools

We found 1 school He attended. Name of the school: East Rockaway High School.

Detailed informations about his schools

  • Attended and graduated from East Rockaway High School in East Rockaway, New York (1939).

Brian Keith's career

His main focus is to be actor.

How did Brian Keith die

He died on on Tuesday 24th of June 1997 when he was 76 years old at Malibu. Brian Keiths death was caused by self-inflicted gunshot suicide. It happend like suicide.

Awards and competitions

Brian Keith's Awards

  • He was posthumously awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Television at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on June 26, 2008.

What Brian Keith has done for a first time

  • Keith was predeceased by two of his children: his first son, Michael, who died in childhood in 1963, and his daughter, Daisy Keith, who committed suicide at age 27.
  • Although Keith had been acting since age three, he didn't appear in his first film until age 31. Before making his mark on screen, he acted in stock theater productions and on radio.
  • Keith was the stepson of two actresses, first, Peg Entwistle, who committed suicide, jumping from the "H" of the famous Hollywood Sign in 1932. His second stepmother, Dorothy Tierney, remained wed to his father until the latter's death.
  • Changed his first name from Robert to Brian Keith, before becoming an actor.
  • Guest starred on the first episode of Murder, She Wrote (1984).
  • He was always producer Don Fedderson's first choice to play Uncle Bill Davis in Family Affair (1966).

Brian Keith's quotes

  • In other words...you can't be a misogynist and expect women to appreciate you.
  • New Year's Eve though it's a custom. We invite over friends who, like ourselves don't drink at all, or else very lightly.
  • [on trying to live a long life]: If I live to be a hundred -- and I hope I do -- I won't have time to read all the books I want to read, or talk to the people I want to know. Not party talk. That's a waste of time. Real talk.
  • [on his handsomeness]: What for? I don't go to the Daisy or any of that. We don't give parties under a striped awning out over the lawn for two hundred people, four of whom we like.
  • [on his popularity, while playing the forty-five something "Uncle Bill Davis" on Family Affair (1966)]: This is the type of show I love, because it reminds me of what happiness I have with my wife and our children.
  • I never gave a hoot, I just took what came along.
  • [In 1991]: A car is a car, it won't make you handsome or prettier or younger. And if it improves your standing with the neighbors, then you live among snobs.
  • [As he was describing what Family Affair (1966) was about]: It's the same setup as The Parent Trap (1961), that I did for Disney. The clothes, the apartment, servants, all that jazz.
  • I played a real nothing named Wally.
  • [In 1966]: I like the kids. Aren't you going to ask about them? Yours or the ones in the show?
  • [In 1969]: I hope to get some time off this spring for a vacation.
  • [In 1968]: You have the responsibility to conduct yourself in the best way you know how to do.
  • [In 1972]: I have to admit that I didn't mind it. We all got along well, and the kids were unspoiled. But towards the end, I was getting tired of it.
  • The main thing is to live, if possible, where you feel comfortable.
  • [When he used to work in carnivals]: Gypsies believe you have to go out and meet life; take what comes. You aren't supposed to know what lies ahead, and those who want to know are cheating. They're called marks, the suckers, and you tell them anything.
  • [While starring in the movie Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967)]: I don't want to play the same guy all the time. I've got three or four scripts at home in which I play somebody's father or uncle, but it's the same old junk. I like to play characters.
  • [In 1997]: I was willing to deal with the emphysema, but now I don't think there's much point trying to live on.
  • [Of his last days]: Forgive me, but I don't want to live anymore. The pain is too bad. There's no point in trying to prolong this agony.
  • She told me: 'How can you love me looking like this? It would be better if I were gone. No matter what I do I'm going to die, and the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.'
  • [When told he was to speak only Russian during filming]: Terrific, they gave me six whole days to learn the Russian language.
  • [In 1977]: Russians put different emphasis in their sentences. When we may stress the last word in a sentence, they may emphasize a word in the middle of it.
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Brian Keith's body shape

Lets describe how Brian Keith looks. We will focus on his body shape. Body build is average.