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Brian De Palma

Brian De Palma's biography

Brian De Palma is 82 years old film director born at Newark. He was born on Wednesday 11th of September 1940. He is often nicknamed as Bri. According to year of birth 1940 he belongs to Silent Generation. Birthday on 11th of September means he is Virgo. Virgo is an earthy sign of Zodiac Belt. People born under this Rising Sign are practical in nature. They believe in reality and represents themselves as a strong person.He was married 3 times.

He is citizen of United States of America. His primary profession is to be film director. You can know him also as screenwriter, film producer, film editor. He is recently known as director.

Brian De Palma's dad

Brian De Palma's father's name is Anthony Federico DePalma.

Brian De Palma's family

Brian De Palma's ex spouses

Gale Anne Hurd

Brian De Palma and Gale Anne Hurd have been together since 1991 for 2 years. She is known as film producer. His ex spouse was born on Tuesday 25th of October 1955 in Los Angeles.

Darnell Gregorio-De Palma

Brian De Palma and Darnell Gregorio-De Palma have been together since 1995 for 2 years. She is known as actor.

Nancy Allen

Brian De Palma and Nancy Allen have been together since 1979 for 4 years.

He has 1 son and 2 daughters

Brian De Palma's son: Cameron De Palma

Brian De Palma's son's name is Cameron De Palma. He is known as actor. His son was born on Thursday 27th of February 1964.

Brian De Palma's daughter: Willa Holland

Brian De Palma's daughter's name is Willa Holland. She is known as actor. His daughter was born on Tuesday 18th of June 1991 in Los Angeles.

Brian De Palma's daughter: Piper De Palma

Brian De Palma's daughter's name is Piper De Palma. She is known as actor. His daughter was born on Monday 21st of October 1996 in Palo Alto.

Brian De Palma's schools

We found 3 schools He attended. Complete list of schools: Columbia University, Sarah Lawrence College, Friends' Central School.

Detailed informations about his schools

  • De Palma graduated from Friends' Central School, a small quaker school outside of Philadelphia

Brian De Palma's career

His main focus is to be film director and film.

Brian De Palma's partners

Margot Kidder

Brian De Palma and Margot Kidder have been together. She is known as television actor. His partner was born on Sunday 17th of October 1948 in Yellowknife. His partner died on Sunday 13th of May 2018 in Livingston. Margot Kidder was 78 years old, when this happened.

Elli Medeiros

Brian De Palma and Elli Medeiros have been together since 2000 for 4 years. She is known as actor. His partner was born on Wednesday 18th of January 1956.

Awards and competitions

Brian De Palma's Nominations

  • He was nominated for Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director for work Dressed to Kill in 1981
  • He was nominated for Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director for work Scarface in 1984
  • He was nominated for Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director for work Body Double in 1985
  • He was nominated for Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture for work The Bonfire of the Vanities in 1991
  • He was nominated for Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director for work The Bonfire of the Vanities in 1991

What Brian De Palma has done for a first time

  • First child with Gale Anne Hurd, Lolita, born September 19, 1991.

Brian De Palma's quotes

  • The camera lies all the time; lies 24 times/second.
  • I'm astounded there aren't more American political films. I'm amazed, when you can make movies for nothing, there are not people out there making these incredibly angry anti-war movies. How come? [Sept.2006]
  • My films deal with a stylized, expressionistic world that has a kind of grotesque beauty about it.
  • I like stylization. I try to get away with as much as possible until people start laughing at it.
  • I have a reputation as an action director because I know how to kill, how to shoot people, how to spill blood.
  • [on Alfred Hitchcock] He is the one who distilled the essence of film. He's like Webster. It's all there. I've used a lot of his grammar.
  • [on Sissy Spacek] Sissy's a phantom. She has this mysterious way of slipping into a part, letting it take over her. She's got a wider range than any young actress I know.
  • My films deal with a stylized, expressionistic world that has a kind of grotesque beauty about it.
  • A year ago, I saw Bruno Dumont's Flanders (2006), and that really got me thinking about war movies. I find his stuff extremely inventive and very compelling. So I went back and looked at all his movies.[Nov.15 2007]
  • [on The Untouchables (1987)] I got the script from Paramount, the David Mamet script. And I liked it quite a lot.
  • I am one of the rare directors to have had his negatives stolen.
  • Well, the bigger the budgets, the more meetings you have. And if you have a very small budget you have a lot of control, and you don't have any meetings. So, it depends on the material and what you need in order to make the story effective. [2016]
  • I go to film festivals and see movies, and I watch a lot of stuff on TCM, and I'm exploring an actor that I might think might be right for something I'm working on, I go and look at all their movies. [2016]
  • [on Martin Scorsese] I think Marty gets these incredible performances from actors mainly because he spends a lot of time in developing kind of deep character relationships.
  • What's unique to cinema, unlike any other art form, is that you can show the audience and the character the same piece of information. They see what the character is seeing.
  • Casualties of War (1989) brought the whole experience of what happens to a group of young boys in Vietnam into focus, and detailed how the experience of the war changes them and how they deal with really strong ethical problems in the field.
  • My father was an orthopedic surgeon and I often watched him operate. To my young mind these (images) were just as terrifying as medieval paintings of the tortures of the martyrs...and just as grisly.
  • I've always felt that I have taken the ideas of Hitchcock and tried to develop them further.
  • I love movies that use completely visual devices to tell stories.
  • The position of the camera is as important as what you're photographing.
  • I did grow up in an operating room. I saw a lot of blood.
  • Split-screen is not good for action.
  • [on Murder A La Mod (1968)] It was the first time I realized how the style of a film determines how the story is received by the viewer. I picked up the principle in my next film, Greetings (1968). [from: Retrospective, Centre Pompidou, 2002]
  • [in an interview with Quentin Tarantino] Cinema is - as we've said a thousand times - a visual medium and we're interested in terrific visual sequences and many of them happen to be violent. [1994]
  • Steven Soderbergh, a gifted visual director? Are you kidding? Give me an example of a great, visually memorable scene in a Soderbergh movie ... I saw an episode of his series The Knick (2014) and there was nothing that really blew me away visually.
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Brian De Palma's body shape

Lets describe how Brian De Palma looks. We will focus on his body shape. Body build is average.