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Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff's biography

William Henry Pratt is 82 years old film actor born at East Dulwich, London, England, UK. Boris was born on Wednesday 23rd of November 1887. Boris is often nicknamed as Karloff the Uncanny, Karloff, Billy. According to year of birth 1887 Boris belongs to Lost Generation. Birthday on 23rd of November means Boris is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a Fiery sign of Zodiac Belt. These people are highly learned and love to gain knowledge throughout their life.

He is native english speaker. Boris is multiracial british. Boris is citizen of United Kingdom. Boris is an adherent of anglicanism. Boris´s primary profession is to be film actor. You can know him also as stage actor. He is recently known as actor.

Boris Karloff's family

Boris Karloff's ex wife

Evelyn Hope

Boris Karloff and Evelyn Hope have been together since 1946 for 23 years. She is known as actor. Boris´s ex wife was born on Friday 11th of March 1904 in Gateshead. Boris´s ex wife died on Tuesday 1st of June 1993. Evelyn Hope was 106 years old, when this happened.

Boris Karloff's schools

We found 3 schools He attended. Complete list of schools: King's College London, Uppingham School, Enfield Grammar School.

Detailed informations about Boris´s schools

He studied high school - Merchant Taylors' School.

Boris studied university - King's College London.

Boris Karloff's career

His main focus is to be film actor. Boris is famous thanks to Frankenstein.

Is Boris Karloff gay ?

He is known to be straight.

How did Boris Karloff die

Boris died on on Sunday 2nd of February 1969 when he was 82 years old at Midhurst. Boris Karloffs death was caused by emphysema. It happend like natural causes.

Awards and competitions

Boris Karloff's Awards

  • Received a Tony Award nomination in 1956 for his dramatic role in "The Lark".
  • He was awarded 2 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Motion Pictures at 1737 Vine Street; and for Television at 6664 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

What Boris Karloff has done for a first time

  • When he traveled to England to shoot The Ghoul (1933), it was the first time in nearly 25 years that he returned to his home country and reunited with the surviving members of his family.
  • Karloff lived in the USA for 45 yrs but never sought American citizenship, unlike fellow horror actor, Bela Lugosi who became a proud U.S. citizen in 1931, the same year he first starred as, and became, the legendary Count Dracula in Hollywood.

Boris Karloff's quotes

  • When I was nine, I played the demon king in "Cinderella" and it launched me on a long and happy life of being a monster.
  • My wife has good taste. She has seen very few of my movies.
  • [In 1936, on his appeal to children, who empathized with the monster] I don't really scare them any more than do Jungle Jim, Dan Dunn, Tarzan, and the other heroes of the comic sections.
  • You could heave a brick out of the window and hit ten actors who could play my parts. I just happened to be on the right corner at the right time.
  • The monster was the best friend I ever had.
  • My dear old monster. I owe everything to him. He's my best friend.
  • I am a very lucky man. Here I am in my 80th year, and I am still able to earn my bread and butter at my profession. I am one of that very small family of the human race who happens to thoroughly enjoy his work. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't go on.
  • [on Jack P. Pierce] The best make-up man in the world. I owe him a lot.
  • Horror means something revolting. Anybody can show you a pailful of innards. But the object of the roles I played is not to turn your stomach - but merely to make your hair stand on end.
  • Certainly, I was typed. But what is typing? It is a trademark, a means by which the public recognizes you. Actors work all their lives to achieve that. I got mine with just one picture. It was a blessing.
  • [on his then current studio AIP] James Nicholon and Samuel Arkoff, the bosses, and everyone connected with AIP show me wonderful kindness and consideration. And their standards of production, writing, directing and color are very fine.
  • [on animals] I am very fond of dogs and used to keep them when I was in Hollywood. But we have an apartment in London, and I don't think one should have a dog without a garden for it to run in.
  • [on his last wife, Evelyn Hope, as reported by daughter Sara Karloff, regarding his ambushed appearance in This Is Your Life (1950) TV show] She sold me out for a washer and dryer!
  • [on his alleged meeting with Lon Chaney] I did not dream that within a few years, Lon Chaney would be dead and that I would get my chance in roles similar to those which were even then making him famous. I do not consider myself a second Chaney.
  • [Losing his temper while speaking about the Italian people, when told that an Italian hotelier was unimpressed with Karloff staying at his hotel] They're venal, the Romans are venal, venal, venal!
  • [on his brother, George Marlowe] "Despite the fact that George was an extraordinarily handsome man, he never went very far on the stage, which was the reason he gave it up for a city job. But I tried to emulate him."

Boris Karloff's height, body shape, eye color

Lets describe how Boris Karloff looks. We will focus on his height, body shape, eye color and hair color. Boris is tall as 5' 11" (180 cm). Body build is slim. Boris´s eyes are tinted brown - dark. Boris´s hair is shade of black.