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Boran Kuzum

Boran Kuzum's biography

Boran Kuzum is 30 years old actor born at Ankara. He was born on Thursday 1st of October 1992. According to year of birth 1992 he belongs to Millennials. Birthday on 1st of October means he is Libra. Libra sign depicts that it is all about “Balance”. It seems that their life is very balanced, however, things are way opposite as they always face unstable situations in order to balance it further.

He is citizen of Turkey.

Boran Kuzum's schools

We found 1 school He attended. Name of the school: Istanbul University State Conservatory.

Detailed informations about his schools

  • He graduated theater at Istanbul University State Conservatory in 2015. He continues to perform at theatre.

Boran Kuzum's career

His main focus is to be actor.

Boran Kuzum's partner

Miray Daner

Boran Kuzum and Miray Daner have been together. Miray is known as actor. His partner was born on Friday 15th of January 1999 in Istanbul.

Awards and competitions

Boran Kuzum's Awards

  • He won The Best Newcomer Actor in 6. Bilkent Tv Awards.
  • He was nominated The Best Male Performer in 12. Galatasaray University EN Awards.

What Boran Kuzum has done for a first time

  • His first name's meaning is thunderstorm.

Boran Kuzum's Donations

  • Boran Kuzum Draw Well is opened with donations on 1 October 2017 (his 25th birthday) in Chad. It was birthday gift from his supporters.

Boran Kuzum's quotes

  • [talks about his character trademark, key word] Crazy. I love have fun without hesitation so much. But especially after Wounded Love (2016), I can't do it so much.
  • Leon's ego doesn't come from his uniform, comes from his intelligence and wisdom.
  • I always care about the people around me are happier anywhere. But you forget yourself this time. I can't prevent my trait so much.
  • My mother is fine arts graduate. She would paint at home. Likewise my father too. My father also would play oud and piano.
  • I think having ego isn't a bad thing besides ego completes human as for me. But being egoist is something else, at that point you start to damage yourself. It's not a problem as long as you bring under control, manage healthily.
  • [Esquire March 2017] I love drawing picture. In the beginning, I drew landscape picture.
  • [Esquire March 2017] I have only goal, it's being genuine actor. I hope I can make real. I want to perform art through all my life.
  • [Esquire March 2017] What would they always say; "I always wanted to become actor since my childhood,"... I never wanted to become actor. But I always wanted to be interested with art and become artist. I knew I would do something about art one day.
  • [Episode April 2017] I think the best communication way is art.
  • [Episode April 2017] All I want is to perform (theatre).
  • [BasedIstanbul December 2017, what he expects from 2018] I'd like to continue my dream job with the same passion, to spend more time with the people I love, and to cherish every moment.
  • [BasedIstanbul December 2017, choosing between TV or theatre] I'm passionate about acting regardless of the medium. I love what I do. I'm improving myself by learning from every new experience. I hope I can do it all together for a long time.
  • [Hürriyet Kelebek 18 January 2018, "You have so many fans, how does it make you feel?"] I see how love makes distances and stereotypes disappear. It gives strength to get good wishes of people you do not know, to feel the support.
  • [Hürriyet Kelebek 18 January 2018, "What is your acting motivation?"] I am very passionate about this profession. Being an genuine actor is my biggest goal. It's my greatest motivation to continue this profession on my own path.
  • [Hürriyet Kelebek 18 January 2018, "What scares you most in life?"] Health. The most important thing in life is health.
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Boran Kuzum's body shape

Lets describe how Boran Kuzum looks. We will focus on his body shape. Body build is average.

Latest news about Boran Kuzum

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