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Björk's biography

Björk is 57 years old composer born at Reykjavík. She was born on Sunday 21st of November 1965. According to year of birth 1965 she belongs to Boomers. Birthday on 21st of November means she is Scorpio. Scorpio is a watery sign. These people are very intense in their thoughts. They always learn from the transformatory phase of their life.

She is native icelandic speaker. She is citizen of Iceland. Her primary profession is to be composer. You can know her also as actor, singer, record producer, music arranger, poet, writer, singer-songwriter, film score composer. She is recently known as musician.

Björk's dad

Björk's father's name is Guðmundur Gunnarsson.

Björk's family

Björk's ex spouse

Þór Eldon

Björk and Þór Eldon have been together since 1986 for a year. He is known as composer. Her ex spouse was born on Saturday 2nd of June 1962 in Reykjavík.

Björk's career

Her main focus is to be composer and poetry. She is famous thanks to Volta. Maybe you are curious what instrument does she play ? She plays keyboard instrument.

Björk's partner

Matthew Barney

Björk and Matthew Barney have been together since 2000 for 13 years. He is known as artist. Her partner was born on Saturday 25th of March 1967 in San Francisco.

Awards and competitions

Björk's Awards

  • She received award for Bodil Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for work Dancer in the Dark in 2001
  • She received award for European Film Award for Best Actress for work Dancer in the Dark in 2000
  • She received award for Jameson People's Choice Award for Best Actress for work Dancer in the Dark in 2000
  • She received award for Edda Award for Best Leading Actor or Actress for work Dancer in the Dark in 2000

Björk's Rankings

  • In September 2002, MTV2 ranked her music video Björk: Pagan Poetry (2001) as one of the 20 Most Controversial Videos. It depicts several shots of not only Björk's breasts, but also multiple body piercings on her arms and back.
  • Ranked #36 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll
  • Music video "It's Oh So Quiet" was ranked #50 on VH1's 100 Greatest Videos.

Björk's Nominations

  • She was nominated for Shortlist Music Prize for work Vespertine in 2002
  • She was nominated for European Film Award for Best Actress for work Dancer in the Dark in 2000

Björk's quotes

  • "The album's very much about being alone in your house, in a very quiet sort of introverted mood and you whisper, you sort of improvise. Which is between me and myself." (about her album 'Vespertine')
  • What probably confuses people is they know a lot about me, but it quite pleases me that there's more they don't know.
  • Sometimes doing the same thing for a really long time freaks me out, routine freaks me out. But then again, always doing new things can be lazy...it's tricky. I can be very sneaky with myself.
  • People are always asking me about eskimos, but there are no eskimos in Iceland.
  • I find it very difficult to draw a line between what's sex and what isn't. It can be very, very sexy to drive a car, and completely unsexy to flirt with someone at a bar.
  • All people have their own way of dealing with everyday problems. some go for walks, others get drunk and some get laid. I write songs.
  • 'Gling-Gló' was a bigger seller in Iceland than 'Debut' and all the Sugarcubes' albums put together! That tells you a lot about Iceland.
  • When I was growing up, I always had the feeling I was dropped from somewhere else. That's how I was treated at school in Iceland where the kids used to call me "china girl" and everybody thought I was unusual because I looked Chinese.
  • Femenists bore me to death. I follow my instinct and if that supports young girls in any way, great. But I'd rather they saw it more as a lesson about following their own instincts rather than imitating somebody.
  • Singing is like a celebration of oxygen.
  • About her album Volta: "I feel in a lot of ways Volta is Post 2. Very restless and sort of schizophrenic. Promiscuous in collaborations, but sincere. It's consistent in its restlessness." (2007)
  • Being a musician is very easy. My house is full of musical instruments. There's a lot of music, always. But... I don't really go to premieres and hang out with Puff Daddy. (2007)
  • On being 41: I'm pretty comfortable with it when it comes to experience, maturity, er, wisdom; but I'd be lying if I said that it don't piss me off that I don't have the same energy I used to have when I was 20. (2007)
  • Right now, I feel like I look exhausted, because I'm tired. I'm not vain, like: I want to look pretty. That's never bothered me. But if I see a photograph of me and I look tired, then I'd be more worried than if I looked ugly. (2007)
  • I don't like drinking with food, I think Iceland people are a bit old-school like that - we think if you drink with food then you're an alcoholic ... but if you drink lots, on a Friday night ... (2007)
  • I'm not keen on the three-chord thing, The Strokes, or Oasis. It's like boy scout songs to me.
  • Some people go to a psychiatrist. I write songs.
  • I am a grateful grapefruit!
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Björk's body shape

Lets describe how Björk looks. We will focus on her body shape. Body build is average.

Latest news about Björk

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