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Billy Idol

Billy Idol's biography

Billy Idol is 67 years old singer born at Stanmore. He was born on Wednesday 30th of November 1955. According to year of birth 1955 he belongs to Boomers. Birthday on 30th of November means he is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a Fiery sign of Zodiac Belt. These people are highly learned and love to gain knowledge throughout their life.

He is citizen of United Kingdom. His primary profession is to be singer. You can know him also as actor, film actor, songwriter, musician. He is recently known as guitarist.

Billy Idol's schools

We found 5 schools He attended. Complete list of schools: University of Brighton, The Ravensbourne School, University of Sussex, Seahaven Academy, Worthing High School.

Billy Idol's career

His main focus is to be singer. He focuses on punk rock music. He is also a member of Generation X. Maybe you are curious what instrument does he play ? He plays bass guitar.

Billy Idol's partner

Perri Lister

Billy Idol and Perri Lister have been together. She is known as actor. His partner was born on Friday 10th of April 1959 in London.

Awards and competitions

Billy Idol's Rankings

  • Ranked #55 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.

What Billy Idol has done for a first time

  • He had been James Cameron's first choice for the role of the villainous T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day; the role was recast entirely as a result of the accident.

Billy Idol's quotes

  • Rock isn't art, it's the way ordinary people talk.
  • Great sex is great, but bad sex is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • Christ was a punk rocker.
  • They wouldn't play my records on American radio because I had spiky hair. They said, 'Punk rock doesn't sell advertising, it won't make any money.'
  • The world goes on, you go on and you change. You want to show the fans those changes, and you want to be able to verbalize them.
  • I don't care what stage or what reason, as long as we're playing.
  • I am quite a romantic person, really, and I should have put that into my music earlier, but I was probably denying it... I didn't want to be soft because I felt I had to be so hard to get people to believe in me.
  • I love it when someone insults me. That means that I don't have to be nice anymore.
  • It doesn't matter about money; having it, not having it. Or having clothes, or not having them. You're still left alone with yourself in the end.
  • I don't think punk ever really dies, because punk rock attitude can never die.
  • If your world doesn't allow you to dream, move to one where you can.
  • I think love's exciting and happy, as well as being able to make you sad.
  • I'm not trying to hide from my past. I want to roll in it. Like a dog, rolling in feces, I'm rolling in the feces of my greatest hits - that's a bit of a wild way of looking at it, but I am a man, and we do like rolling in our own feces at times.
  • I'm really a singer, so I love songs and I love singing. I like rap music, but I didn't grow up freestyling.
  • There was a time when my whole life was in chaos, really, and I didn't help myself sort it out. But one day I came to my senses, and I think I was lucky because a lot of people don't.
  • The biggest misconception people have about me is that I'm stupid.
  • I rocked the cradle of love.
  • My dad was one of the reasons I got into rock and roll, because I was learning the ropes of his business, which was selling powertools, and I was looking for a way out from under his heel. I was like, 'Where's the fun? Where's the glamour?'
  • Part of the punk attitude was that you should project your music through your whole body... show your personality as much as possible.
  • My hair used to be real long, and my parents were encouraged when I cut it. They thought I was going 'straight,' but I was just getting weirder - at least in their eyes. I was getting into the punk thing.
  • I'm not talking with an American accent. I haven't gone off and become Sammy Hagar.
  • It's like, what happened, I was always leading fashion, and then the grunge thing kind of came along. And because I've been so on top in the '80s you know, I, you know, what can I do? Suddenly go grunge?
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Billy Idol's body shape

Lets describe how Billy Idol looks. We will focus on his body shape. Body build is average.

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