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Billie Burke

Billie Burke's biography

Mary William Ethelbert Appleton Burke is 86 years old film actor born at Washington, D.C.. She was born on Thursday 7th of August 1884. Billie is often nicknamed as Billie Burke, Mary William Ethelbert Appleton Burke, Mary Burke, Mary Ziegfeld, Mrs. Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., Billie Burke Ziegfeld. According to year of birth 1884 she belongs to Lost Generation. Birthday on 7th of August means Billie is Leo. As sign in itself indicates “Lion” or “King”, hence people born under Leo sign are considered to be leaders in every aspects of life. They are royal in nature.

She is native english speaker. She is white american. She is citizen of United States of America. Billie´s primary profession is to be film actor. You can know Billie also as stage actor, television actor, radio personality. Billie is recently known as actor.

Billie Burke's dad

Billie Burke's father's name is William Ethelbert "Billy" Burke.

Billie Burke's mom

Billie Burke's mother's name is Blanche Beatty.

Billie Burke's family

Billie Burke's ex husband

Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.

Billie Burke and Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. have been together since 1914 for 18 years. He is known as impresario. Billie´s ex husband was born on Thursday 21st of March 1867 in Chicago. Billie´s ex husband died on Friday 22nd of July 1932. Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. was 48 years old, when this happened.

She has 1 daughter.

Billie Burke's daughter: Patricia Ziegfeld Stephenson

Billie Burke's daughter's name is Patricia Ziegfeld Stephenson. She is known as writer. Billie´s daughter was born on Monday 23rd of October 1916 in New York City. Her daughter died on Friday 11th of April 2008 in Los Angeles. Patricia Ziegfeld Stephenson was 124 years old, when this happened.

Billie Burke's career

Billie´s main focus is to be film actor. She is famous thanks to Glinda the Good Witch of The Wizard of Oz.

Is Billie Burke gay ?

Billie is known to be straight.

How did Billie Burke die

She died on on Thursday 14th of May 1970 when he was 86 years old. Billie Burkes death was caused by natural causes.

Awards and competitions

Billie Burke's Awards

  • Has been played on stage by Tony Award nominee Carolee Carmello, Ned York, and Jennifer Hope Wills in the musical "Ghostlight" written by Matthew Martin and Tim Realbuto.

Billie Burke's Nominations

  • Has been played on stage by Tony Award nominee Carolee Carmello, Ned York, and Jennifer Hope Wills in the musical "Ghostlight" written by Matthew Martin and Tim Realbuto.

What else you don't know about Billie Burke ?

Her middle name is William Ethelbert Appleton.

Billie Burke's quotes

  • [on why she retired] Acting just wasn't any fun anymore.
  • Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese.
  • [on Hollywood] To survive there, you need the ambition of a Latin-American revolutionary, the ego of a grand opera tenor and the physical stamina of a cow pony.
  • By the time you get your name up in lights you have worked so hard and so long, and seen so many names go up and down, that all you can think of is: "How can I keep it here?"

Billie Burke's height, weight, body shape, eye color

Lets describe how Billie Burke looks. We will focus on her height, weight, body shape, eye color and hair color. Billie is tall as 5' 3" (160 cm). Billie weights 127lbs (58 kg). Body build is slim. Billie´s eyes are tinted blue. Her hair is shade of blonde.