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Anne Baxter

Anne Baxter's biography

Anne Baxter is 62 years old stage actor born at Michigan City. She was born on Monday 7th of May 1923. She is often nicknamed as Annie. According to year of birth 1923 she belongs to Greatest Generation. Birthday on 7th of May means she is Taurus. Taurus is most stable sign of Zodiac, that is the reason it is also included in the earthy sign of the Zodiac Belt. One born with this Moon Sign (Not a Rising Sign) is very stable and balanced through their mind.

She is citizen of United States of America. Her primary profession is to be stage actor. You can know her also as film actor. She is recently known as television actor. She received Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress The Razor's Edge in 1945

Anne Baxter's mom

Anne Baxter's mother's name is Catherine Dorothy Wright.

Anne Baxter's family

Anne Baxter's ex spouse

John Hodiak

Anne Baxter and John Hodiak have been together since 1946 for 7 years. He is known as actor. Her ex spouse was born on Thursday 16th of April 1914 in Pittsburgh. Her ex spouse died on Wednesday 19th of October 1955 in Tarzana. John Hodiak was 32 years old, when this happened.

Anne Baxter's schools

We found 2 schools She attended. Complete list of schools: Brearley School, Los Angeles High School.

Anne Baxter's career

Her main focus is to be stage actor.

How did Anne Baxter die

She died on on Thursday 12th of December 1985 when he was 62 years old. Anne Baxters death was caused by brain aneurysm.

Awards and competitions

Anne Baxter's Awards

  • Was the 27th actress to receive an Academy Award; she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Razor's Edge (1946) at The 19th Academy Awards on March 13, 1947.
  • Was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6741 Hollywood Blvd. on February 8, 1960.

Anne Baxter's Nominations

  • She was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress for work All About Eve in 1951
  • She was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress

What Anne Baxter has done for a first time

  • Maternal granddaughter of architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), born in Wisconsin, and his first wife, Catherine Tobin (1871-1959), born in Illinois.
  • Was initially cast in All About Eve (1950) because of her resemblance to Claudette Colbert. Miss Colbert was first signed for the role of Margo and the idea was to have Eve visually turn into Margo.
  • Gave birth to her first child at age 28, daughter Katrina Hodiak on July 9, 1951. Child's father is her first ex-husband, John Hodiak.
  • Became a grandmother for the first time at age 61 when daughter Katrina Hodiak gave birth to a son, Tobin Vonditter, in September 1984. He was only 15 months old when she died.

Anne Baxter's quotes

  • [on All About Eve (1950)] I patterned Eve [Harrington] after the understudy I had in a Broadway play when I was 13. She actually threatened to finish me off. She was the bitchiest person I ever saw.
  • I'm an actress, not a personality. It's more successful to be a personality. But can you use it in every role? I don't spill over into everything I do. I do what I do from inside someone else's skin.
  • Tallulah Bankhead is a marvelous female impersonator.
  • [on Hedy Lamarr in Cecil B. DeMille's Samson and Delilah (1949)] If I had just seen myself as Delilah, looking as Hedy did, I would still be talking about it.
  • The greatest beauty secret in the world is rest. It is the fundamental rule which must be followed if you want to look well and feel well.
  • If a role is challenging, then my enthusiasm is unflagging and I can bring something special to the performance.
  • [in 1954] There's no reason why feet should be the ugliest part of the body. Four thousand years ago Egyptians considered a woman's feet beautiful. So why not today?
  • The eye, someone said, is the window of the soul and the Egyptian beauties seemed to know that it was an extremely lethal weapon.
  • Nefretiri ruled the glamor arena some 3,200 years ago, and it's surprising how much the ladies of that day knew about the art of stalking a man.
  • With this nose and full Irish face, I just didn't look like an Egyptian. I wanted to wear a putty nose but Mr. DeMille was so appalled at the idea I had to forget about it.
  • Acting is not what I do. It's what I am. It's my permanent, built-in cathedral.
  • Darryl Zanuck [Darryl F. Zanuck, head of the 20th Century Fox studio] thought all women were either broads or librarians. He thought I was a librarian. He thought I was smart.
  • There was only one DeMille, and there wasn't an actor in the world who didn't want to work for him just once.
  • [on All About Eve (1950)] None of us knew we were making a film classic. Every day was like a glorious relay race.
  • [on All About Eve (1950)] None of us, Marilyn Monroe included, none of us could wait to get to work.
  • [on All About Eve (1950)] I was good, I was respected, I had a great part, the script was superb; the actors were perfect and perfectly cast. Even me, and I wasn't always.
  • George Sanders did not in the least resemble Sleepy, the Disney dwarf. However, they shared a penchant for shuteye. George slept soundly in his portable dressing room between shots.
  • Edith Head and I really got to know each other in The Ten Commandments (1956). We had fittings on the unbelievably extravagant costumes for over a period of eight months. I made two other pictures in between fittings.
  • [1953] In all honesty I must admit that I'm no holier-than-thou. I'm not Gree-ah Garson [Greer Garson]. I'm a young actress who resents being presented as dull and inhibited.
  • There is no stopping ambition. I always like to dramatize things in my life. Acting is not merely fun, it's an earnest career.
  • I guess I do take chances. But then, I have a large appetite for life. I want to experience everything.
  • [on Frank Lloyd Wright, who left his family for another woman] Mother always said he was a lousy father. And she said it just that way . . . that he may be a great architect . . . but he is a lousy father.
  • [on Orson Welles] To his credit Orson always asked us for acting solutions, to try something a different way. And yes, he did make the obligatory pass at me and I made the obligatory refusal.
  • [on her popularity as a star of World War II films] I was getting almost as much mail as Betty Grable. I was our boys' idealized girl next door.
  • [on her appearance in 1940] I had a body like a mini Mack truck and a face that looked like it was storing nuts for the winter.
  • [on the Academy Award] It's like the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.
  • [on You're My Everything (1949)] It spoofed vaudeville and silent movies, but people couldn't have cared less. They did it so much better in Singin' in the Rain (1952), I'm afraid.
  • [on The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1952)] I'm getting my clothes selected in rehearsals and Miriam Hopkins comes up and pats me on the shoulder, saying, "My dear, both of us have survived Bette Davis!"
  • [1942] Maybe my way is the hardest way because many actresses have got their start by being seen often in swim suits. I think I'll skip it just the same. It's not that I'm prudish, I just want the moviegoers to remember my face.
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Anne Baxter's body shape

Lets describe how Anne Baxter looks. We will focus on her body shape. Body build is average.