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Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio's biography

Alessandra Ambrosio is 41 years old model born at Erechim. She was born on Saturday 11th of April 1981. She is often nicknamed as AléAlessandra Corine Ambrosio. According to year of birth 1981 she belongs to Generation X. Birthday on 11th of April means she is Aries. Aries is the most active sign of Zodiac, one born with this sign is a very quick learner, aggressive and passionate.

She is native brazilian portuguese speaker. She is citizen of Brazil. Her primary profession is to be model. She is recently known as film actor.

Alessandra Ambrosio's career

Her main focus is to be model.

Awards and competitions

Alessandra Ambrosio's Rankings

  • In 2005 was ranked as #84 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement.
  • Ranked #51 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.
  • Ranked #2 on AskMen.com's 'Top 99 Most Desirable Women' of 2008.
  • Ranked #7 on Maxim's "Hot 100" of 2014 list.

What Alessandra Ambrosio has done for a first time

  • When she first came to New York, Gisele Bündchen lent her her apartment for two weeks and Adriana Lima helped her translate English.
  • She is best known for her work with Victoria's Secret and was chosen as their first spokes-model for Victoria's Secret Pink line.
  • Gave birth to her first child at age 27, a daughter Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur on August 24, 2008. Child's father is her boyfriend (now ex-fiancé), Jamie Mazur.

Alessandra Ambrosio's quotes

  • All that matters is that I stay healthy.
  • I think I'm in better shape now than I was ten years ago, but it takes a bigger toll--I get back pain!
  • I love everybody that I work with, and we have so much fun.
  • If I'm two pounds heavier, I'm fat. If I'm skinnier, I'm sick. It's ridiculous. And that's not coming from agents or designers.
  • Here in America, people are very professional.
  • I've been tiny since I was four, and I eat whatever I want.
  • Seriously, I like to wear hats so I don't get super tan. You have to protect the face.
  • I love Cheetos, those hot, spicy kind. And chocolate. Every time I'm in the airport I'm buying Cheetos and eating them on the airplane.
  • I love sunglasses, I have all shapes and colors.
  • In the summer I wear shorts with a bright top and ankle boots or just sandals. I'll add a nice scarf, maybe a hat, some cool sunglasses. It's all about the accessories.
  • I love to eat and I love sweets . . . like chocolate. But I do work out.
  • I like to dress pretty basic during the day, but with a sophisticated bohemian spin, and sometimes a little rock chic. At night I like to go glamorous.
  • I'm not thinking about me that much anymore. Every time I look, I'm looking for my daughter, you know? If I'm in a store, I'm looking at baby clothes. It's so much cuter to find things for her than to find things for me.
  • Professional people make everything look perfect, they make everything that you're wearing look great, if it's in a picture or on the runway.
  • I don't really drink sodas, but when I have popcorn or pizza I need a little. It's the perfect combination.
  • My little girl, Anja, is really excited. We had a baby shower yesterday and she took the presents from everyone for me and was telling them, "No, it's my baby".
  • As long as you're feeling good with your weight and the way you look, that's what matters.
  • When you're pregnant you just want to be comfortable--but I wear more or less the same as I do when I'm not pregnant: pregnancy denim with normal tops and flat shoes. But when the belly starts to really stick out, I'll want the floaty dresses!
  • I've been a fashion model for 15 years and designing is just an extension of my career. I still plan on modeling lingerie, but at the same time this is a business transition that I plan to have around for a long time.
  • I have been lucky enough to work with the world's best designers and top stylists--who have been my mentors.
  • I am extremely excited to develop and design a brand representative of my life, experiences and style. Working closely with Cherokee will help establish a worldwide presence with best-in-class retailers and category leaders.
  • My favorite part . . . I guess it's my legs.
  • You know, I have a kid on my own, and I know how busy it is, the first weeks and the first month.
  • I've seen Bruno Mars before, he's amazing.
  • And my daughter really likes Justin Bieber, so I think she'll have fun watching him. But I think Rihanna is the perfect match for the Victoria's Secret show because she's really beautiful, she's really sexy and she's really talented.
  • It isn't hard to stay in shape.
  • I try to do yoga once a week.
  • Before, models had that rock star life and it was all about going to the parties and having that glamorous life, and I think these days, models are more like businesswomen and the whole industry takes it really serious.
  • I have a Brazilian trainer here in New York and we do a Brazilian Butt Lift workout.
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Alessandra Ambrosio's body shape

Lets describe how Alessandra Ambrosio looks. We will focus on her body shape. Body build is average.

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