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Sylvia Kristel

Sylvia Kristel's biography

Sylvia Kristel is 60 years old singer born at Utrecht. She was born on Sunday 28th of September 1952. According to year of birth 1952 she belongs to Boomers. Birthday on 28th of September means she is Libra. Libra sign depicts that it is all about “Balance”. It seems that their life is very balanced, however, things are way opposite as they always face unstable situations in order to balance it further.

She is native dutch speaker. She is citizen of Kingdom of the Netherlands. Her primary profession is to be singer. You can know her also as film actor, film director, actor, model, autobiographer, painter, television actor, recording artist. She is recently known as erotic photography model.

Sylvia Kristel's career

Her main focus is to be singer. She is famous thanks to Emmanuelle. She focuses on erotica music.

Sylvia Kristel's partners

Ian McShane

Sylvia Kristel and Ian Mcshane have been together since 1977 for 3 years. He is known as actor. Her partner was born on Tuesday 29th of September 1942 in Blackburn.

Hugo Claus

Sylvia Kristel and Hugo Claus have been together since 1973 for 4 years. He is known as screenwriter. Her partner was born on Friday 5th of April 1929 in Bruges. Her partner died on Wednesday 19th of March 2008 in Antwerp. Hugo Claus was 56 years old, when this happened.

How did Sylvia Kristel die

She died on on Wednesday 17th of October 2012 when he was 60 years old at The Hague. Sylvia Kristels death was caused by cancer. It happend like natural causes.

What Sylvia Kristel has done for a first time

  • She was the first choice for the role of Lucy in Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979), however, the actress rejected the offer because she did not want to work with Klaus Kinski who was famous for disrespect for women.
  • She was the first choice for the role of Lucille in Danton (1983).
  • She turned down Lesley-Anne Down's role in The First Great Train Robbery (1978).

Sylvia Kristel's quotes

  • Didn't they warn you? I love to invent - avoiding the truth. I need to dramatize. It's also a form of protection.
  • I would now rather be very healthy and strong as a horse but it is nice to be attractive.
  • [from a 2005 Dutch newspaper interview] I don't expect too much from the afterlife, I think that I know very well what pain is. When I think of the end of my life, I think mainly: I didn't do nothing, but I could have done more.
  • Self confidence for me is a fragile fleece.
  • I was a silent actress, a body. I belonged to dreams, to those who can't be broken.
  • [on how the public perceived her] People don't assume that John Wayne shoots people and rides a horse on weekends. People think I'm a nymphomaniac.
  • I realized that the public had been deeply affected by Emmanuelle (1974) and wanted to prolong their fantasy, to keep me within it, symbolic and naked, idealized and necessary.
  • I like this other world, this forgetting of myself. The actor works in order to escape, not to find himself. You become an actor by leaving yourself, and then you have to keep acting. How tragic!
  • I am a divorced child, of divided, uncertain background. Within this division I - supposed fruit of their love - no longer exist. It happened nearly forty years ago, yet to me nothing is sadder than my parents' divorce.

Sylvia Kristel's body shape

Lets describe how Sylvia Kristel looks. We will focus on her body shape. Body build is average.