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Stanley Donen

Stanley Donen's biography

Stanley Donen is 95 years old film director born at United States of America. He was born on Sunday 13th of April 1924. He is often nicknamed as The King of Musicals. According to year of birth 1924 he belongs to Greatest Generation. Birthday on 13th of April means he is Aries. Aries is the most active sign of Zodiac, one born with this sign is a very quick learner, aggressive and passionate.He was married 4 times.

He is citizen of United States of America. He is an adherent of atheism. His primary profession is to be film director. You can know him also as film producer, dancer. He is recently known as choreographer.

Stanley Donen's family

Stanley Donen's ex spouses

Yvette Mimieux

Stanley Donen and Yvette Mimieux have been together since 1972 for 13 years. She is known as entrepreneur. His ex spouse was born on Thursday 8th of January 1942 in Hollywood. His ex spouse died on Tuesday 18th of January 2022 in Los Angeles. Yvette Mimieux was 98 years old, when this happened.

Marion Marshall

Stanley Donen and Marion Marshall have been together since 1952 for 7 years. She is known as actor. His ex spouse was born on Sunday 8th of June 1930 in Los Angeles. His ex spouse died on Monday 24th of September 2018. Marion Marshall was 94 years old, when this happened.

Jeanne Coyne

Stanley Donen and Jeanne Coyne have been together since 1948 for 3 years. She is known as actor. His ex spouse was born on Wednesday 28th of February 1923 in Pittsburgh. His ex spouse died on Thursday 10th of May 1973 in Los Angeles. Jeanne Coyne was 49 years old, when this happened.

Adelle Dillingham

Stanley Donen and Adelle Dillingham have been together since 1960 for 11 years.

He has 1 son.

Stanley Donen's son: Joshua Donen

Stanley Donen's son's name is Joshua Donen. He is known as film producer. His son was born on Wednesday 10th of August 1955.

Stanley Donen's schools

We found 1 school He attended. Name of the school: University of South Carolina.

Stanley Donen's career

His main focus is to be film director.

Stanley Donen's partner

Elaine May

Stanley Donen and Elaine May have been together since 1999 for 20 years. She is known as actor. His partner was born on Thursday 21st of April 1932 in Philadelphia.

How did Stanley Donen die

He died on on Thursday 21st of February 2019 when he was 95 years old. Stanley Donens death was caused by heart attack. It happend like natural causes.

Awards and competitions

Stanley Donen's Awards

  • His classic film, Singin' in the Rain (1952), was adapted for a musical in the West End and was awarded Outstanding Musical Production in 2001 (2000 season) at the Laurence Olivier Theatre Awards.

Stanley Donen's Nominations

  • He was nominated for Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture for work Saturn 3 in 1981

Stanley Donen's quotes

  • If we remade Singin' in the Rain (1952) today, when Gene Kelly sings in the rain, I think he'd be looking around to make sure he wasn't going to get mugged.
  • For me directing is like having sex: when it's good, it's very good; but when it's bad, it's still good.

Stanley Donen's body shape

Lets describe how Stanley Donen looks. We will focus on his body shape. Body build is average.