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Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker's biography

Sarah Jessica Parker is 57 years old television actor born at Nelsonville. She was born on Thursday 25th of March 1965. She is often nicknamed as SJP. According to year of birth 1965 she belongs to Boomers. Birthday on 25th of March means she is Aries. Aries is the most active sign of Zodiac, one born with this sign is a very quick learner, aggressive and passionate.

She is native english speaker. She is citizen of United States of America. She is an adherent of judaism. Her primary profession is to be television actor. You can know her also as film actor, film producer, stage actor, model, voice actor. She is recently known as actor.

Sarah Jessica Parker's family

Sarah Jessica Parker's spouse

He is known as film actor. Her spouse was born on Wednesday 21st of March 1962.

Sarah Jessica Parker's ex spouse

She has 1 son.

Sarah Jessica Parker's son: James Wilkie Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker's son's name is James Wilkie Broderick. Her son was born on Monday 28th of October 2002.

Sarah Jessica Parker's schools

We found 5 schools She attended. Complete list of schools: University of Cincinnati, Dwight Morrow High School, Professional Children's School, Hollywood High School, HB Studio.

Detailed informations about her schools

  • Attended the School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) in Cincinnati with Rocky Carroll.

Sarah Jessica Parker's career

Her main focus is to be television actor. You could see her also in Sex and the City.

Sarah Jessica Parker's partner

Robert Downey Jr.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr. have been together since 1984 for 7 years. Robert is known as actor. Her partner was born on Sunday 4th of April 1965 in Manhattan.

Awards and competitions

Sarah Jessica Parker's Awards

  • Hosted The 2000 MTV Movie Awards (2000), and changed into 15 different outfits throughout the show.
  • Finally won an Emmy Award in 2004 for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, after five consecutive losses.
  • Many gambling and betting establishments actually stopped accepting some bets on Sarah Jessica Parker for The 56th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (2004) because she was so widely predicted to walk away with an Emmy Award, and she did.
  • Hosted the MTV Movie Awards in 2000 and did a spoof with her co-stars in Sex and the City (1998) called Sex and the Matrix.
  • Once, live on air, she called up the radio show "Opie & Anthony" and called them out for heavy criticism of her and her appearance at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Rankings

  • Ranked #39 in VH1's list of the "100 Greatest Kid Stars"
  • She ranked #7 on Forbes' List of Highest-Paid Actresses in 2012, with an income of $15 million. It was noted that most of her income was profit from her perfume and endorsement deals.

What Sarah Jessica Parker has done for a first time

  • Made her first television special at the age of 8.
  • Gave birth to her first child at age 37, a son James Wilkie Broderick on October 28, 2002. Child's father is her husband, Matthew Broderick.

Sarah Jessica Parker's quotes

  • Thank you. I've never won anything in my life. - on winning her 2000 Golden Globe Award for Sex and the City (1998).
  • I tell my friends married life is boring, but that's just a fun thing to say to make single people feel better.
  • Sarah Jessica is fine, Sarah, SJP, SJ, hey you, anything. [on how to address her]
  • Celebrity and the media are reliant on each other - always have been - but we have lost the elegance in that relationship, somehow.
  • Fashion is a part of my work. I feel a responsibility to be presentable, to dress up if the occasion calls for it. But, really, fashion does not play that big a role in my life these days.
  • "I get the feeling people are disappointed with me because I don't have the answers for them. I have to remind them that I don't have a Ph.D. in sex or counseling.
  • As a woman, I have an inherent need to be all things to all people, to make certain everybody's taken care of. I know I can't sustain that level all the time, so I'm finding the proper balance and it's made me infinitely happier.
  • I kind of enjoy the idea that you can be a lady and be slightly titillating and you don't have to take all your clothes off. (Vogue - August 2003 - "The Busiest Girl In Town" by Steven Meisel)
  • I have a team of style experts for being Carrie, but I am not Carrie. I'm not even much of a shopper. I don't feel I need a lot of clothes. But I work in an industry where appearance is everything and sometimes I have to work hard at looking good.
  • When I go to a premiere I like to borrow lovely clothes and shoes from designers. It's like the library: if you return them in good condition, you get to borrow more. I'm very lucky.
  • I dress like most mothers - quickly!
  • You don't want to see me topless.
  • [on her rumored feud with Kim Cattrall] I don't think anybody wants to believe that I love Kim. I adore her. I wouldn't have done the movie without her. Didn't and wouldn't.
  • People should dress the way they want. If you walk out the door feeling good about yourself, that's what counts.
  • Don't ever let other people's opinions of you be your opinion of yourself.
  • I've destroyed my feet, but it was worth it.
  • [Presented the hypothetical situation of only being able to save one item in a house fire. "A pair of Manolos or a Kelly bag?"] Oh, well, that's like "Sophie's Choice." That's an impossible situation.
  • I love the smell of diapers. I even like when they're wet and you smell them all warm like a baked good.

Sarah Jessica Parker's body shape

Lets describe how Sarah Jessica Parker looks. We will focus on her body shape. Body build is average.

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