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Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson's biography

Melanie Elizabeth Bownds is 42 years old comedian born at Sydney. She was born on Sunday 2nd of March 1980. Rebel is often nicknamed as Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson, Rebel Wilson, Rebelicious, Lil’ Reb, Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. According to year of birth 1980 she belongs to Generation X. Birthday on 2nd of March means she is Pisces. Pisces is a Watery Sign. They are very intuitive people. They are empathic, emotional and highly spiritual in nature.

She is native australian english speaker. She is white australian. She is citizen of Australia. Rebel is christian. Rebel´s primary profession is to be comedian. You can know Rebel also as screenwriter, film producer, stage actor, film actor, actor, television producer. Rebel is recently known as television presenter.

Rebel Wilson's schools

We found 5 schools She attended. Complete list of schools: Tara Anglican School for Girls, University of New South Wales, University of New South Wales Law School, Australian Theatre for Young People, UNSW Faculty of Law.

Detailed informations about Rebel´s schools

  • Wilson attended the University of New South Wales (UNSW), and graduated in 2009 with Bachelor of Arts (Theatre and Performance Studies) and Bachelor of Laws degrees.

Rebel Wilson's career

Her main focus is to be comedian. She is famous thanks to her breakout roles as Brynn in Bridesmaids and Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect franchise.

Is Rebel Wilson gay ?

She is known to be lesbian.

Rebel Wilson's girlfriend

Jacob A Busche

Rebel Wilson and Jacob A Busche have been together less than a year in 2021.

What else you don't know about Rebel Wilson ?

Her middle name is Melanie Elizabeth.

Rebel Wilson's Donations

  • In September 2021, she donated $1 million to the Australian Theatre for Young People, where she trained acting twenty years ago. The money went straight to its new location in Walsh Bay, where it will be called The Rebel Theatre in her honor.

Rebel Wilson's quotes

  • My family keeps me pretty grounded. Like if I try anything diva, they're like, "Oh shut up. Go and do the dishwasher."
  • It took people who have the power to say yes to pull the trigger for me. Since then, I think it's been easier; I'm not like anybody else out there, with my skills and abilities and looks.
  • [on improvising dialogue] There's a line about crystal meth that I didn't even remember saying. When I saw it in the final cut, I thought, Wow, that was a pretty good line!
  • I love talking in an American accent. Even though it hurts my face after a few hours.
  • Even when I'm playing someone named Fat Amy, it's all about confidence and attitude.
  • There's a lot of pressure on women, especially younger women, to conform to the thin body image. Not everyone can be that way and no one should be ashamed of how they look or suffer bullying and other forms of abuse because of their size and shape.
  • [on fat jokes, when she still had a plus size body shape] As long as I look like this, I'm going to make fat jokes. All comedians have to use their physicality, so I use my size.
  • I love my curves and stuff. I don't think I'll ever go too skinny, but I feel so much healthier.
  • Ladies, don't be afraid of weights. I love lifting weights. It just makes you feel really strong. I love that feeling of feeling strong and powerful.
  • Even though it's not about a weight number, it's about being healthy, I needed a tangible measurement to have as a goal and that was 75 kilograms.

Rebel Wilson's height, weight, body shape, eye color, hair color

Lets describe how Rebel Wilson looks. We will focus on her height, weight, body shape, eye color, hair color and shoe size. She is tall as 5' 3" (160 cm). Rebel weights 291lbs (132 kg). Body build is large. Her eyes are tinted hazel. Rebel´s hair is shade of blonde. If you are really curious, you may find interesting Rebel´s shoe size is 8.5.

Latest news about Rebel Wilson

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