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Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta's biography

Raymond Allen Liotta is 68 years old actor born at Newark, New Jersey, USA. Raymond was born on Saturday 18th of December 1954. Raymond is often nicknamed as Ray. According to year of birth 1954 Raymond belongs to Boomers. Birthday on 18th of December means he is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a Fiery sign of Zodiac Belt. These people are highly learned and love to gain knowledge throughout their life.

He is native english speaker. Raymond is white american. Raymond is citizen of United States of America. Raymond is roman catholic. His primary profession is to be actor. He is recently known as film producer. Raymond received Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series ER in 2005

Ray Liotta's family

Ray Liotta's ex wife

Michelle Grace

Ray Liotta and Michelle Grace have been together since 1997 for 7 years. She is known as actor. Raymond´s ex wife was born on Wednesday 4th of December 1968 in Chicago.

He has 1 daughter.

Ray Liotta's daughter: Karsen Liotta

Ray Liotta's daughter's name is Karsen Liotta. She is known as actor. Raymond´s daughter was born on Monday 21st of December 1998 in United States of America.

Ray Liotta's schools

We found 3 schools Raymond attended. Complete list of schools: University of Miami, Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Union High School.

Detailed informations about Raymond´s schools

  • Attended Union High School in Union, New Jersey. Was inducted into the school's Hall of Fame during the 1992-1993 school year.

Ray Liotta's career

Raymond´s main focus is to be actor. He is famous thanks to his role as infamous crime figure Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese's Oscar-winning 1990 crime-drama film Goodfellas. You could see Raymond also in ER.

Is Ray Liotta gay ?

Raymond is known to be straight.

Ray Liotta's girlfriend

Catherine Hickland

Ray Liotta and Catherine Hickland have been together since 2007 for 4 years. She is known as actor. His girlfriend was born on Saturday 11th of February 1956 in Fort Lauderdale.

How did Ray Liotta die

Raymond died on on Thursday 26th of May 2022 when he was 68 years old at Dominican Republic. Ray Liottas death was caused by natural causes.

Awards and competitions

Ray Liotta's Awards

  • He received award for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for work ER in 2005

What else you don't know about Ray Liotta ?

His middle name is Allen. Raymond likes to spend time in: New York, New Jersey, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas.

What Ray Liotta has done for a first time

  • Became a father for the first time at age 44, when his then-wife Michelle Grace gave birth to their daughter Karsen Liotta in December 1998.
  • Was Tim Burton's first choice to play Harvey Dent in Batman (1989), but turned it down to do Goodfellas (1990) instead.
  • He was the first choice for the role of Nestor in The Mambo Kings (1992).

Ray Liotta's quotes

  • It would be nice to do a movie where I didn't have to choke the girl to get her.
  • (when asked why he did the voice of Tommy Vercetti for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)) "For the money."
  • "I only did it to get my foot in the door and because you never know what can happen." - On his first film, The Lonely Lady (1983).
  • What I really am is a homebody. I was a homebody even before I had a family. My days are filled with home stuff.
  • It's the oily skin. It gives you zits when you are a teenager, but then it doesn't wrinkle as you get older. [on why he looks a lot younger]
  • People have all these preconceptions about me. Whereas if you look at the roles, Henry Hill was the nicest guy in Goodfellas (1990)! I was a nice guy too in the comedy _Heartbreakers_. And I was a really sweet father to Johnny Depp in Blow (2001)!
  • I've only been in one fight in my whole life... in 7th grade, yet everyone thinks I'm a maniac.
  • Research is good to a degree, to learn how to hold a gun. You want to look like you know what you're doing and get a basic sense. But your imagination is all you need. They say that the imagination is more powerful than knowledge.
  • There's not a day that goes by that I don't hear somebody mention Goodfellas (1990), unless I stay home all night. It's defined who I am, in a sense.
  • [1997] Actors a bunch of hot air when you really look at what's life about and the real trials and tribulations, day in and day out.
  • [on his off-screen persona] If I'm playing a nice guy, I'm great on the set. If I'm not, I'm a dick. I'm sure I'm going to be unbearably wonderful while I'm playing the preacher.
  • You know how they have stand-ins when they're doing the lighting? I always do my own standing-in. That way I stay in the zone and nobody asks me anything, except to move left or right.
  • I subscribe to the theory that luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
  • There's nothing worse than working with somebody who doesn't know what they're doing, especially if you've had experience. It gets really frustrating - then I can be a dick on set.
  • [on meeting the real Henry Hill for the first time after playing him in Goodfellas (1990)] The first thing he said was: 'Thanks for not making me look like a scumbag.' And I said: 'Did you see the movie?'

Ray Liotta's height, weight, body shape, eye color, hair color

Lets describe how Ray Liotta looks. We will focus on his height, weight, body shape, eye color, hair color and shoe size. He is tall as 6' 0" (183 cm). Raymond weights 176lbs (80 kg). Body build is slim. Raymond´s eyes are tinted blue. His hair is shade of salt and pepper. If you are really curious, you may find interesting his shoe size is 11.

Latest news about Ray Liotta

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