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Miguel Bosé

Miguel Bosé's biography

Miguel Bosé is 66 years old singer born at Panama City. He was born on Tuesday 3rd of April 1956. According to year of birth 1956 he belongs to Boomers. Birthday on 3rd of April means he is Aries. Aries is the most active sign of Zodiac, one born with this sign is a very quick learner, aggressive and passionate.

He is native spanish speaker. He is citizen of Spain. His primary profession is to be singer. You can know him also as musician, actor, television presenter, film director, dancer, recording artist. He is recently known as songwriter.

Miguel Bosé's dad

Miguel Bosé's father's name is Luis Miguel Dominguín. His father was born on Tuesday 9th of November 1926 in Madrid. His father died on Wednesday 8th of May 1996 in Sotogrande. Luis Miguel Dominguín was 40 years old, when this happened.

Miguel Bosé's mom

Miguel Bosé's mother's name is Lucia Bosè. She is known as actor. His mother was born on Wednesday 28th of January 1931 in Milan. Miguel Bosé was born when she was 25 years old. His mother died on Monday 23rd of March 2020 in Segovia. Lucia Bosè was 64 years old, when this happened.

Miguel Bosé's schools

We found 1 school He attended. Name of the school: Lycée Français de Madrid.

Miguel Bosé's career

His main focus is to be singer. He focuses on pop music.

Miguel Bosé's partner

Ana Obregón

Miguel Bosé and Ana Obregón have been together since 1979 for 3 years. She is known as actor. His partner was born on Friday 18th of March 1955 in Madrid.

Miguel Bosé's body shape

Lets describe how Miguel Bosé looks. We will focus on his body shape. Body build is average.

Latest news about Miguel Bosé

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