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Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer's biography

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer is 64 years old film actor born at Santa Ana. She was born on Tuesday 29th of April 1958. According to year of birth 1958 she belongs to Boomers. Birthday on 29th of April means she is Taurus. Taurus is most stable sign of Zodiac, that is the reason it is also included in the earthy sign of the Zodiac Belt. One born with this Moon Sign (Not a Rising Sign) is very stable and balanced through their mind.She was married 2 times.

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer's spouse

She is married to David E. Kelley

Michelle is white american. Michelle is citizen of United States of America. She is protestant. Michelle´s primary profession is to be film actor. You can know her also as model, singer, voice actor, beauty pageant contestant, television actor, stage actor. Michelle is recently known as film producer. Michelle received Silver Bear for Best Actress Love Field in 1993

Michelle Pfeiffer's family

Michelle Pfeiffer's husband

He is known as film producer. Michelle´s husband was born on Wednesday 4th of April 1956 in Waterville.

Michelle Pfeiffer's ex husbands

Peter Horton

Michelle Pfeiffer and Peter Horton have been together since 1981 for 7 years. He is known as film actor. Her ex husband was born on Thursday 20th of August 1953 in Bellevue.

Michelle Pfeiffer's schools

We found 2 schools Michelle attended. Complete list of schools: Golden West College, Fountain Valley High School.

Detailed informations about her schools

  • Attended Fountain Valley High School in Fountain Valley, CA, and graduated in 1976.
  • Attended Stenography school after graduating for one year before dropping out.

Michelle Pfeiffer's career

Her main focus is to be film actor. Michelle is famous thanks to Dangerous Liaisons, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Batman Returns. You could see Michelle also in Love Field.

Is Michelle Pfeiffer gay ?

Michelle is known to be straight.

Awards and competitions

Michelle Pfeiffer's Awards

  • Michelle received award for Silver Bear for Best Actress for work Love Field in 1993
  • Michelle received award for BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for work Dangerous Liaisons in 1990
  • She received award for Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama for work The Fabulous Baker Boys in 1990

Michelle Pfeiffer's Rankings

  • In October 1997, she was ranked #39 in "Empire" (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list.
  • In 1995, she was ranked #3 by "Empire" magazine on its list of 00 Sexiest Stars in film history.

Michelle Pfeiffer's Nominations

  • She was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for work Dangerous Liaisons in 1988
  • She was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress for work The Fabulous Baker Boys in 1989
  • She was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress for work Love Field in 1992

What else you don't know about Michelle Pfeiffer ?

Her middle name is Marie.

What Michelle Pfeiffer has done for a first time

  • Her first job as a performer was playing "Alice" from Alice in Wonderland (1951) at Disneyland in the Main Street Electrical Parade in the mid-1970s.
  • In 1995 "Empire" Magazine made a list of the sexiest movie star of all time. She was third. First was Johnny Depp and second was Marilyn Monroe.
  • Has twice missed the opportunity to work with one of her idols, Meryl Streep , first in Working Girl (1988) and then in A Prairie Home Companion (2006) , which she dropped out of to film I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007).

Michelle Pfeiffer's quotes

  • I still think people will find out that I'm really not very talented. I'm really not very good. It's all just been a big sham.
  • [on wearing her costume in Batman Returns (1992) for the first time]: "I thought to myself 'I can't move, I can't breathe, I can't think. I'm unhappy. I can't act'."
  • [on cosmetic surgery] "If that nose or those jowls bother you, do it! But this epidemic of people losing sight of what looks good, the distortion that has been going on is creepy."
  • I act for free, but I demand a huge salary as compensation for all the annoyance of being a public personality. In that sense, I earn every dime I make.
  • Ultimately, I believe the only secret to a happy marriage is choosing the right person. Life is a series of choices, right?
  • I have to say this singing was harder than any I've done before. The melodies are so fast that you can barely get a breath in. But once I got past the 'Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into' phase, it was so much fun to sing again.
  • For me, getting comfortable with being famous was hard - that whole side of it, the loss of anonymity, the loss of privacy. Giving up that part of your life and not having control of it.
  • It's my profound fear of embarrassment that's kept me going. That's the key to my success.
  • It seems that my leading men just keep getting younger the older I get. [at the Berlin Film Festival whilst promoting Chéri (2009)]
  • If you think hitting 40 is liberating, wait till you hit 50 - and I was surprised at how liberating it was. The anticipation of something is always much worse than the reality.
  • I love Robert Zemeckis. I would do the yellow pages if he was directing [October 2000 while promoting What Lies Beneath (2000)].
  • I still think I'm going to be fired in the first week of every new job I take. Always. In fact, before I even start a movie I'll try to get myself fired or think of a reason I should quit. I guess it's fear of failure.
  • I can't believe I'm saying this but I'd like to do an action movie. Yeah (I have done some action), but, I want to be like the Kiefer Sutherland character in 24 (2001). Jack Bauer? I want to be like him! I want to kick butt.
  • [on Shaquille O'Neal] He was so sweet to my son [John Henry, 14] at a game a few years ago. We have this great photo of him sitting by Shaq's feet, and I swear my son and his feet are the same size.
  • [on Married to the Mob (1988)] It's a good one, I think. I had a great time on that with Jonathan Demme.
  • I didn't have any formal training. I didn't come from Juilliard. I was just getting by and learning in front of the world. So I've always had this feeling that one day they're going to find out that I'm really a fraud.
  • I really thought One Fine Day (1996) was a good movie. I know why it did badly. It was released at a bad time. Perhaps if it had been released at a better time it would have done better. But there are so many variables. It's just all a big crapshoot.
  • I'm very willful, you know. I'm a survivor. It's in my nature. I don't look so tough, but I am.
  • [on Johnny Depp] -- Johnny is one of the most iconic actors in cinema history. He was always on my bucket list.
  • On Plastic Surgery: I don't anything against it and I think there is a lot of pressure on women. It's hard aging these days. If one day, I look in the mirror and I just can't stand it anymore, then I may be right there.

Michelle Pfeiffer's height, weight, body shape, eye color, hair color

Lets describe how Michelle Pfeiffer looks. We will focus on Michelle´s height, weight, body shape, eye color, hair color and shoe size. She is tall as 5' 7" (170 cm). She weights 115lbs (52 kg). Body build is slim. Michelle´s eyes are tinted blue. Her hair is shade of blonde. If you are really curious, you may find interesting Michelle´s shoe size is 8.