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Anders Holm

Anders Holm's biography

Anders Holm is 41 years old comedian born at Evanston. Anders was born on Friday 29th of May 1981. He is often nicknamed as Ders. According to year of birth 1981 he belongs to Generation X. Birthday on 29th of May means Anders is Gemini. Gemini is a dual sign of Zodiac Belt. One born with this rising sign is very dual and creative in nature with lots of verbosity. They are the most expressive people as they love talking.

Anders is native english speaker. He is white american. Anders is citizen of United States of America. His primary profession is to be comedian. You can know him also as film producer, screenwriter, actor, film actor, television actor, voice actor, television producer. Anders is recently known as showrunner.

Anders Holm's schools

We found 2 schools Anders attended. Complete list of schools: University of Wisconsin–Madison, Evanston Township High School.

Detailed informations about his schools

  • Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While there he was on the swim team. In 2013 he gave the graduation commencement speech, which can be found on Youtube.

Anders Holm's career

Anders´s main focus is to be comedian. Anders is famous thanks to Workaholics.

Anders Holm's quotes

  • Practice being curious; want to know things; ask questions.
  • It was actually the movie 'Rushmore' that made me first realize that I could try writing, but 'Cheers' is the best show ever. The writers on that show created a relationship that writers today still fail to rip off successfully: the Sam and Diane.
  • On 'Workaholics,' I feel like I'm just hanging out with my buddies being filmed, but on 'Mindy,' I'm around professional funny people who act. Guys like Chris Messina, who are the real deal. I watch what they do and put my own spin on it.
  • Beastie Boys and David Bowie are two of my favorite artists.
  • Resume? I wish I had a resume. And if I did, I wouldn't scrub anything from it. Who cares?
  • The worst thing you can do to a Juggalo is not know about their weird subculture.
  • I'm not a highly outgoing person. I'm pretty guarded when you first meet me. But being in a Speedo for my entire life growing up, because I was a swimmer, and being naked in front of people now, doesn't really bother me.
  • Back in college, I remember shooting stupid videos with my friends. It would be us going around town in capes pretending we were superheroes.
  • I'm un-smiteable. That's something I realized very young.
  • To get what you want out of life, all you can really do is find out who you are, and do that.
  • Consider what people think of you, but don't be afraid of what people think of you.
  • Whenever I watch a show and twentysomethings have a lot of 'Star Wars' references, I know it's written by a 40-year-old dude.
  • I watch so much TV, it's sad. I watch 'Happy Endings', '30 Rock', 'Parks and Rec', 'The Office', 'Eagleheart', 'Children's Hospital'. 'Modern Family' I guess I'm still kinda watching.
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Anders Holm's height, body shape, eye color

Lets describe how Anders Holm looks. We will focus on his height, body shape, eye color and hair color. He is tall as 6' 4" (193 cm). Body build is slim. His eyes are tinted hazel. Anders´s hair is shade of brown - light.

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