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Rachael Harris

Rachael Harris's biography

Rachael Elaine Harris is 52 years old model born at Brisbane. She was born on Monday 12th of January 1970. She is often nicknamed as Rachel Harris. According to year of birth 1970 Rachael belongs to Generation X. Birthday on 12th of January means she is Capricorn. These people are stable in nature. As the sign lord is “Saturn”, the person will be judgemental in his approach.

She is native english speaker. Rachael is white american. She is citizen of Australia. Her primary profession is to be model. You can know Rachael also as television actor. Rachael is recently known as film actor.

Rachael Harris's family

Rachael Harris's husband

He is known as violinist. Her husband was born on Monday 29th of December 1975.

Rachael Harris's ex husband

Rachael Harris's schools

We found 2 schools She attended. Complete list of schools: Otterbein University, Thomas Worthington High School.

Detailed informations about her schools

  • Grew up in Worthington, a suburb of Columbus. Graduated from Worthington High School. Graduated from Otterbein College, majoring in theater. Performed with the LA improv troupe, Groundlings.

Rachael Harris's career

Her main focus is to be model. She is famous thanks to The Hangover.

Is Rachael Harris gay ?

Rachael is known to be straight.

What else you don't know about Rachael Harris ?

Her middle name is Elaine.

What Rachael Harris has done for a first time

  • Has lived in both New York and LA. Auditioned for three years before landing her first commercial role in 1997.

Rachael Harris's quotes

  • When I moved to New York out of college, that was my goal. To be a stage actress. And to do dramatic works. Like 'Madea', and ''Night, Mother', and 'Sam Shepard', and all that kind of stuff. That's what I really wanted to do.
  • See, that's the thing: I'm not one of those actors who thinks, 'God, I've got to improvise and make it my own.' No, my first job as an actor is to take what's written and make it work. And then, if they want me to improvise, I'll do that.
  • Jeff Kinney is tall and has a great smile, but don't be fooled, he's as slick as they come. A real player. And how he came up with a book that appeals to kids ages 8-13 baffles me. He's an unbelievably kind man with a great family.
  • It's funny, because when I was in college, all my professors said, 'You should do comedy.' And I was like, 'No! No!' But I was able to get my foot in the door through comedy. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to do it.
  • I wanted to go to New York and be a stage actress, doing things like Chekhov. None of that happened, and then I went to L.A. and an agent said, 'I think you belong in commercials and TV.' So I did that and got some opportunities that I absolutely love.
  • I told my agent which women I aspire to have a career like: Frances McDormand, Kate Winslet, Laura Linney and Emma Thompson - character actresses who have something to say. I also said that I loved Madeline Kahn and Jessica Lange.
  • I don't have this weird, natural funny bone that constantly comes out. It's not like my every instinct is to be funny, and I'm always having to dampen that down.
  • As much as I don't want to admit it, I really am a people pleaser. If I throw a party at my house, it's hard for me to relax. I'm too obsessed with whether everyone's having a good time.
  • Whatever the situation at hand, that's what I'm dealing with and trying to be true to it in that moment.
  • In my early 20s, I didn't even know what the Groundlings was. I had no idea. But I know how to break down a script and work on the character.
  • I'm a big fan of Samantha Bee.
  • I told my agents that I love Holly Hunter and Frances McDormand and all of these women who are good at doing comedies, as well as dramas.
  • I really wanted to do things that weren't comic. It felt like finding people who can see this other side to me.
  • I love Frances McDormand so much. I love her career. And I think it's fun because she gets to do comedy as well as drama.
  • I love doing sitcoms. I love doing comedy. I love the whole shooting match.
  • I grew up in a suburb of Ohio, in a small town, and I resonated with that small-town feeling where everybody knows your business.
  • I feel like I work on scripts for comedy as well as dramatic stuff the same.
  • I come from the place of thinking, 'Whatever works for people' - and if you haven't been exposed to anything else, you really don't know better.
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Rachael Harris's height, body shape, eye color

Lets describe how Rachael Harris looks. We will focus on Rachael´s height, body shape, eye color and hair color. Rachael is tall as 5' 1" (155 cm). Body build is slim. Her eyes are tinted hazel. Her hair is shade of blonde.

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