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Oscar Levant

Oscar Levant's biography

Oscar Levant is 66 years old actor born at Pittsburgh. Oscar was born on Thursday 27th of December 1906. According to year of birth 1906 he belongs to Greatest Generation. Birthday on 27th of December means he is Capricorn. These people are stable in nature. As the sign lord is “Saturn”, the person will be judgemental in his approach.

Oscar is native english speaker. He is white american. He is citizen of United States of America. He is jewish. Oscar´s primary profession is to be actor. You can know Oscar also as composer, pianist, jazz musician, film actor, stage actor. He is recently known as comedian.

Oscar Levant's family

Oscar Levant's ex wife

June Gale

Oscar Levant and June Gale have been together. She is known as actor. His ex wife was born on Thursday 6th of July 1911 in San Francisco. Oscar´s ex wife died on Wednesday 13th of November 1996 in Los Angeles. June Gale was 90 years old, when this happened.

Oscar Levant's career

Oscar´s main focus is to be actor. He is famous thanks to Kiss the Boys Goodbye (1941). Maybe you are curious what instrument does he play ? He plays piano.

Is Oscar Levant gay ?

Oscar is known to be straight.

How did Oscar Levant die

He died on on Monday 14th of August 1972 when he was 66 years old at Beverly Hills. Oscar Levants death was caused by heart attack. It happend like natural causes.

Oscar Levant's quotes

  • Strip the phony tinsel off Hollywood and you'll find the real tinsel underneath.
  • I made a comment to a newspaper about therapists saying that people should not become dependent on them and it got printed as, "The rapists say . . . "
  • My psychiatrist once said to me, "Maybe life isn't for everyone".
  • A musical is a series of catastrophes ending with a floor show.
  • In some situations I was difficult, in odd moments impossible, in rare moments loathsome, but at my best unapproachably great.
  • I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me.
  • I hate cold showers. They stimulate me, and then I don't know what to do.
  • [to his friend George Gershwin] Tell me, George, if you had it to do over, would you fall in love with yourself again?
  • Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you remember.
  • I am no more humble than my talents require.
  • I envy people who drink. At least they have something to blame everything on.
  • The only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats allow the poor to be corrupt, too.
  • There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.
  • I admire Leonard Bernstein, but not as much as he does. Lennie has no humor about his egomania. I do.
  • I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin.
  • [on Perry Como] I'm convinced that his voice comes out of his eyelids.
  • It's not what you are but what you don't become that hurts.
  • [on Steve Allen] When I can't sleep, I read a book by Steve Allen.
  • I smile so seldom that I wonder at Arlene Francis, who smiles persistently. Like the Sorceror's Apprentice, once she turns it on can she turn it off?
  • When I was young, I looked like Al Capone but I lacked his compassion.
  • Today I'm a neurotic basket case. My health is so bad that I might as well be the next Premier of India.
  • [on Orson Welles] Sometimes he was inaudible--those were his best moments.
  • [on his role in Rhythm on the River (1940)] I played an unsympathetic part--myself.
  • [about his first meeting with Marilyn Monroe] I said something to her and Jean Peters questioned my grammar. That was one of the nadir points of my career, to have my grammar corrected in front of Marilyn Monroe.
  • I have given up reading books. I find it takes my mind off myself.
  • Schizophrenia beats dining alone.
  • What the world needs is more geniuses with humility. There are so few of us left.
  • Geo. Gershwin: I wonder if my music will be played in a hundred years' time? Oscar: If you're still around, George, it will be.
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Oscar Levant's height, weight, body shape, eye color

Lets describe how Oscar Levant looks. We will focus on Oscar´s height, weight, body shape, eye color and hair color. Oscar is tall as 5' 10" (178 cm). Oscar weights 168lbs (76 kg). Body build is average. Oscar´s eyes are tinted brown - dark. Oscar´s hair is shade of black.