What is the Activated Charcoal Beauty Trend?

What is the Activated Charcoal Beauty Trend?

Set foot in any drugstore or beauty products establishment and you will surely find activated charcoal items. It's the latest beauty trend that is blowing people's minds because of the benefits it can bring about to one's skin.

Activated charcoal is carbon which has been treated to improve its absorption capability. In the hospital, activated charcoal is a term which refers to a treatment for alcohol harm and drug overdose. The activated charcoal sticks to poisonous substances in the stomach and absorbs these elements before they cause trouble in the bloodstream. 

According to beauty experts, activated charcoal works the same way for the skin. Once dirt gets into the pores, it will be absorbed by the charcoal and be washed away with water.

The market offers a number of activated charcoal products and these come in different forms. These are soaps, scrubs, foaming cleansers, and masks that highlight the presence of activated charcoal in their ingredients. Even spas and skin care establishments are offering services that incorporate the use of charcoal. These are quite expensive treatments which are surprisingly patronized by many. In fact, many of those who tried these services attest to activated charcoal's capacity to improve their appearance and overall aura.

Activated charcoal is becoming more and more popular and many are encouraged to try it because of positive reviews from people who first tried it. It's said to be effective in keeping the skin glowing and acne-free. Some notice that even their cellulite lessened when they underwent activated charcoal treatment.

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