Four Seasons Co-Owner Charged With Sexual Assault

Four Seasons Co-Owner Charged With Sexual Assault

Julian Niccolini, 62, the co-owner and managing partner of the Four Season Restaurant, is alleged to have touched a 28-year old girl inappropriately. According to reports, the 62-year old groped the daughter of one of his associate during a party that was held on May the 9th. 

Earlier last week, the Four Seasons co-owner turned himself in at around 11:40 am. He was later arraigned in court, where he was charged with first-degree sexual abuse. According to New York Post, the charge that Niccolini had been handed is punishable by up to 7 years in Prison. 

The 62-year old maintained his innocence after he was released on his recognizance, something that he has been doing for a month now. While addressing the media regarding the said reports, Niccolini said that, “I am not Guilty.” He went on further to state that he is looking forward to returning to work and putting all this issue behind him. 

According to the victim, the 28-year old girl, the whole incident took place on May the 9th after she and the co-owner of For Seasons Restaurant were left alone in the restaurant’s bar area at 9:00pm. She went on further to state that Niccolini grabbed her boobs as well as her behind. He then pulled down the stockings that she was wearing and touched her inappropriately. The event was intense and to show it, she had bruises on her hips and some scratches on her back.

This is actually not the first time that such accusation have been directed towards Niccolini, back in 1991, he was accused of sexually harassing a waitress at the Four Seasons Restaurant. The waitress went on to file a 4 million dollar lawsuit against him. 

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