Charlize Theron’s new movie: The Coldest City

Charlize Theron’s new movie: The Coldest City

Charlize Theron started her career as a dancer and she still considers herself connected to music. However, her career really began at the age of 16 when she won a modeling contract. She moved to Europe for a short period of time, only to return to USA to study ballet. Unfortunately, an injury made this impossible, so she decided to try her hand at acting.

She made her debut in 1995 in the movie “Children of the Corn” and in 2003, she stunned audiences with her portrayal of serial killer, Aileen Wuomos. She is an exceptional actress and producer. Her most recent movie is “The Coldest City”, and it may be her greatest role to date. She started working on the movie in early 2015 when David Leitch, the producer of the movie, announced that he would be choosing the cast. Charlize plays the role of a spy in Berlin, Germany during the years of the Cold War. A female spy is sent to investigate the death of an agent. When she discovers that dozens of agents are escaping to the West, she finds herself in the middle of a real war.

Shooting started in November last year in Europe, and it is supposed to take at least another few months before fans will be treated to the movie on the big screen.

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